Greetings everyone, we've reached that special, magical, warming moment of the year again. December, home of Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, and a very special edition this year - a new update for SA:MP. On top of that ever since the DDoS attacks I've been working long and hard on the career system as well- both scripting and and gathering ideas.

If you are un-aware of the information involving 0.3c and or the Career revision you'll find out more about it as time goes on. I'm going to be posting information regarding the careers so far and the checking system in the Feature Documentation section. So keep your eyes pealed on not only that section but the news posts as well.

Along with the careers I'm sure you're all itching to find out what exactly LS:RP will be utilizing from 0.3c into LS:RP. Along with the career system, keep your eyes on the Feature Documentation section for more information! I'm sure as hell enjoying the new SA:MP and I'm almost positive it will make you all happy as well.

It may not seem much on the outside to many but trust me the new editions are quite the God-sent. I'm not going to say much now, I'll let the feature documentations do the talking but I will fill you in on a few ideas that will be implemented or soon to happen.

Hopefully the career system will work towards balancing out the recent issues of money achievements on the server. Also remember now is the perfect time to suggest job and job ideas inside of the Job suggestions section!

Expect LS:RP to be moving towards a beta-test phase for RC3 in the coming week! We'll be fully ready for it and hopefully have the career system released hand and hand with it.
Also in honor of Christmas it is that time again for the special trees. So if you would you like to send in a Christmas tree map then now is the time. Just post your trees in the mapping suggestion with the .map file attached.