Update: PayPal donations have been enabled again!

Update 2: A new UCP section has been added to the forums, where you can report bugs, make suggestions and discuss new updates.

Update 3: The Internet Explorer block has been removed. A warning has been added incase you experience problems.

We're here after such a long, hustling, and anticipating wait. BlueG has put his blood, sweat, and pixelated tears into this new control panel. With the help of the testers and the other control panel developing team we have arrived to an amazing control panel.

To the ones intimated do not fret, the new control panel may be bigger, wider and have twice the buttons it is still simple, if not simpler, than the old control panel. With a new smooth look it is visually guiding and amazingly documented. Once you setup your main account and import all of your characters from ingame you will get quite used to the new control panel, do not worry.

It has been tested up and down by the staff, and worked on left and right by BlueG. So rest assured your experience on the control panel will be not only enjoyable but a pleasurable and smooth one.

There's also one main rumor that needs to be cleared up about the new control panel.
    We can share donator features between our characters.
  • False. You still need to donate on the character you want the features to be on as usual for the time being. It was never planned for this revision, sorry.

BlueG like everyone else is a human, and not all this stuff is just as easy to put into the control panel as 1 2 3. It takes time and work, and the duration depends mostly on how treatment is. As a developer appreciation, patience, and satisfaction are some of the key things to keeping things on a smooth path.

With those key things in play anything can be possible, most of them are actually. A few things coming up which I will on hint at are:
    -API : Exporting information from the server to the wooorld.
    -CP / IG : Mailing / Messaging system.
    -Removing characters from your main LS-RP account
    -Much much more!

So just enjoy the current stuff and always keep your eyes pealed for something new around the corner constantly. Another thing you're going to notice about the control panel is the lack of bug tracker.

The bug tracker is sadly gone(R.I.P.) and will be placed on the forums in the meantime during it's absence from the control panel. Don't worry, the forums will be more of a convenience for bug reporters and testers anyway so maybe they'll be handled a bit more quickly and with more care now.

Also do not forget it is Christmas! I've recently put the clothing items in and had Burger map a few decorations around town to get everyone into the mood.

From LS:RP to you, we hope you all enjoy your holidays(Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanuka/New Years). Stay safe, enjoy your family and friends, and have fun! If you plan to be on LS:RP during these special holidays please take part in our Christmas photos topic: here.