We are really sorry for almost 9 days of downtime. Last Monday we got DDoS attacked once again, and this time our server provider decided turn off the port of this server. Until today, we were unable to get our files from this server, and over to a new one.

The game server will be up tonight, but please be aware that this is a temporary server, and will be moved back to the Netherlands in a few days. This temporary server is located in Dallas, Texas, so most of our players will have higher ping on the game server for the period we are hosted here. The server specifications are also weaker than our servers in The Netherlands, so you might notice more server-side lag than usual.

All active premium memberships have been extended by 14 days. This is also a compensation for the downtime we will have when moving the server back to The Netherlands.

Update: The server is now up. server.ls-rp.com:7777 /

Update 2: DaoPay donators that have gotten "invalid pin code", please try again. Your pin codes should now be valid

Update 3: The support system is online again.