As you've probably already saw on the forums this week marks the 4th anniversary of LS:RP! Meaning we're going to try and make this week as exciting as possible in order to truly celebrate how far LS:RP has come.

Four long years and still going strong- over a hundred thousand members on both the forums and in-game, quality and vast amounts of roleplay growing every day, and can't forget all the content created by everyone- be it artwork, nice stories, strong factions, an inspirational character, etc etc; it's all something we're very thankful of.

So let's not just end it with a day, we're going to celebrate everyday this entire week. Yesterday we had an IRC quiz where a lot of members won some games. Tomorrow we're going to keep it simple with a nice air-show at East Beach, along with that will be a special feature for all the people with the audio system.

After that on Friday and Saturday everyone will have the opportunity to participate in a little Easter Egg hunt type of event. More details will be announced on Thursday about it. On Sunday we'll top it off with our first event from the Event team; once again more information on Thursday.

For now, download the updated audio plugin!