As you all are aware summer is right around the corner, and so is the workload! We're trying to make this summer absolutely easy and relaxing for everyone. In order for that to happen we first got to have an relaxed and consistently supportive/working staff team. Since they are most relied on around here.

So in order to do that we're going to make sure the workload is perfectly tended to. So that means, wait for it...around 20 new testers for the team! This isn't anything new and it's far from crazy with the new duties popping up now and then for testers. We've also had around 40 testers before so don't worry I haven't lost my mind.

I've had around 150+ applications sent to me this time around and there are still around 40 or so more to post and judge upon. Thankyou once again towards everyone that really wants to help out or contribute anyway possible here. And remember if you didn't get reserved or make it this time around keep trying. There's always gold at the end of a rainbow.

In order to congratulate these new testers I'm going to do the same thing I did last time I brought in near 20 testers :


Congratulations guys and gals! You'll be getting your PMs soon with directions and final questions.

Also congrats to Collins & Kavinsky for getting admin! The tester team will surely miss having you all around fully but we're all aware that you two are so deserving of the rank. Best of luck fellas.

Side news the illegal side of the career revision is underway and will be available this summer as well. So you crazy gang members don't worry, your income will be back to normal eventually.

A new drug revision, house robbery, the whole nine yards.