I'll excuse myself here that it took a bit longer than planned for the new UCP update. BlueG and I were busy with other stuff but it's finally done.

    — Export/Remove a character from your global account
    — Private Message Box option
    — Transfering Number- or Namechanges between your characters which are located in your global account
    — New news/ucp-profile-layout
    — Some buttons (right top) which are linked to some other services from LSRP/FoCo
    — Bug fixes here and there
    — Forgot password option added for characters
    — And many more for you to find out :p

BlueG made a hell of a nice job with the update :)! The message system will be expanded sooner or later so you're able to receive important messages and news about Ingame-stuff etcetera. If you find any bugs feel free to report them here. Enjoy your day!

(The update will be merged +/- an hour)