Yes, ladies and gentlemen LS:RP is fully compatible with the upcoming SA-MP 0.3. A lot of work has gone into both the mod and the gamemode itself. Before leaving, krisk, left behind a nice new property system which will be present for the new update!

How many properties and the features of the new property sadly has not been announced yet. Though over time it will become known along with the many other surprises and plans laid out for LS-RP's future.

Along with this announcement I thought I'd remind you all reading that on September 2nd /movehouse will be removed from the server. So you have about a few days to get your house locations in order until then. For the new property system I'm going to need for the current houses to stay where they are.

Remember to keep your eyes on this website for the latest OOC and IC news on Los Santos Roleplay!

Greetings from 0.3!