31. August 03:21 / 3:21 AM (GMT+1)
As we were unable to figure out a fix, we reverted to the old version. We'll keep you updated.
31. August 02:32 / 2:32 AM (GMT+1)
Stumbled over some minor errors. Expect some extra downtime.

As we're working on getting LS-RP 100% SA-MP 0.3 compitable, we will have a planned downtime,. We're changing some values in our databases that requires us to shut the server down.

The downtime will be Monday, 31st of August, 2:00 AM Server time, and as long as nothing goes wrong, we'll be back up within 15-30 minutes.

Damian is working very hard on making our script 100% SA-MP 0.3 compitable, and hopefully we will have lots of updates for the LS-RP 5.1 release.

We will announce more LS-RP 5.1 features with detailed information at a later time. So keep your eyes open!