Hello everyone and happy Mid-October! I hope all is going well for you all as usual. Also if you did not notice we reached 498 players again recently and the only reason it didn't go higher than that was because we have two NPCs ingame. Not only that the optimizations applied seemed to hold up strong against the lag providing an enjoyable environment for all. LS:RP continues to grow and move forward even during seasons of high obligations for all(school/work).

In the spirit of growing and moving forward LS:RP will be entering into 0.3d this weekend for a public test! Some of the few things you'll see entering for the first time will be the built in audio support- meaning a plugin is no longer required and you stay connected as long as you're connected to LS:RP. Another important thing you'll notice is the amazing new feel of the San Andreas new world.

Welcome to 0.3d!
The new SA-MP comes with some handy engine tweaks to make the game perform at a higher level of standards. Remember this is a public test so issues may occur and if they do occur please be sure to report them in the right section. We all want SA:MP to be perfect and the only way that can ever be possible is with everyone working together in anyway ya can.

Rest of the new features will be noticed over time, as SA:MP comes with a few new functions to toy and experiment with. On to the few LS:RP features in store...

    *The gang restriction skin feature is no more, all skins are open to the public- excluding the medics/pd/etc.
    *13 new skins will be available for use: 3-Andre, 4-Big Bear(Thin), 5-Big Bear(Fat), 6-Emmet, 8-Janitor, 42-Jethro, 65-Kendle Johnson, 86-Ryder(Ski mask), 119-Johhny Sindacco, 208-Su Xi Mu, 268-Dwayne 273-T-Bone Mendez, 289-Zero.
    *Few other things in store for script optimization
    -Map updates from Buger. PD/SD HQ interior update, LSP update, various other maps.
    -Feeback and bug reports go here.(Will be open when Public Test begins)
We're also working with SA-MP beta-team member JaTochNietDan to make installing mods much easier for LS:RP players. So hopefully we'll be able to make better use of the Ryder(ski-mask model) and Big Smoke(vest skin). More information will be released on that later on. Stay tuned for that.

One important thing about the public test and the engine tweaks is that you will need to set one little thing to get the full effect of it all. You need to head to your SAMP folder in My Documents. Then open up sa-mp.cfg. Add "multicore=1" at the bottom and click save.
    %USERPROFILE%/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/SAMP
    %USERPROFILE%/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/SAMP/sa-mp.cfg
-Are shortcuts to the file. It will enable all your cores(If you have more than one) when playing SA-MP.

In the spirit of Halloween we'll be having another carnival this year. It will all begin on October 21st and end on October 31st. Schleich, Burger, and the event team are planning for it all as we speak so a pat on the back gentlemen for keeping everyone's Halloween spirits up.

LS:RP is steadily growing and so is it's staff team. We've lost quite a few staff members here and there but we're moving stronger than ever with the support and energy of the community. We've gained admins, admins moved up, lost quite a bit of testers, and getting some new testers.

Yes, in the wake of the uprising and holidays coming up once again we must brace for some huge impacts over the next few weeks/months. So to help out I decided to get some new testers to replace the ones we lost over time. These people are returning testers and reserved members who came to me after the last batch and really explained to me how much they wanted the position and how bless they were to even be reserved.

So congrats and welcome back fellas.
Or-L - Schleich

Dusty - An Dre - Giacomo
Supra - Dominic - Popoy09
( Jay732 - Phoenix )

(List is not final)

Not a lot, but just enough for the Winter Holidays. The next tester drive will either be in January or February after the Holiday hustle.