Hello again, Officer! Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department's Monthly Newsletter, September Edition!

Communication is a must in any organization, and the Los Santos Police Department is no exception. Since December 2010, it has been common practice for the release of monthly editions of the MNL, or Monthly Newsletter. This idea has been in development since its conception and continues to develop each month. This month, even more new features are joining the Monthly Newsletter as the project grows more and more.

We're seeing a continual growth of the resource this month as many of the same great features make a return, while some newer features are introduced too.

The Public Relations Unit welcomes criticisms, comments and suggestions. If you have any, these should be forwarded to the Public Relations Coordinator.

What will I find in the September Edition?
1 - Chief's Message

2 - Bulk Promotions
3 - Command Changes
4 - Awards and Commendations
5 - Academy Graduations

6 - Corporate Image
7 - Talking to Press
8 - Social Media & Law Enforcement
9 - General Notice Board
10 - Departmental Statistical Review

11 - Closing Statement


With Halloween approaching, an important reminder of vigilance is all the more necessary. While it may be a time for festivities for most, there are a select few who wish to do nothing more but cause turbulence in this community. That means a concerted effort must be undertaken from both our beat officers, our respective divisions and units, our Command staff, and myself. So with that in mind, I leave everybody with a concise message concerning my expectations: be vigilant and do the best job you possibly can. Make sure this month and the coming holiday months move along seamlessly.

Overall however, I'm pleased with the way the department has been operating as of late. Protocol is being followed, disciplinary action is at an all-time low and mostly everybody is performing the way they should be. And as most of you know, there are major operational and administrative revamps underway to ensure optimal efficiency - red tape is being cut and roles are being re-shuffled. Now is the perfect time for dedicated and selfless staff members to make themselves known. Keep that in the back of your minds.

Stay safe out there.
Chief of Police Kiril A. Sokolov


At the beginning of every month we recognize the achievement of the one before through means of promotion. During this time we collectively give our congratulations and encourage even more from our officers as the Los Santos Police Command Unit afford staff more authority and responsibility within the department.

Promotion serves as an exciting time. The taking of a new rank and new position of responsibility is a new experience and something that should be enjoyed and embraced whole-heartedly.

For the month of September, our congratulations are given to...

On advancement from Police Officer I to Police Officer II
    • Omar Brockman
    • Norman Shepherd
    • Fedor Kupetsky
    • Manuel Casper
    • Shaquille Anderson
    • Darius Davidson

On advancement from Police Officer II to Lead Officer
    • Derek Burns
    • Mark Allen
    • Nicky Rogers
    • Luca Brasili
    • Maurice Burnett
    • Adam Ferguson
    • Richard Davis
    • Joe Bannon
    • Michael Benitez
    • Alexander Howell
    • Donald Clark
    • Joel Obi
    • Kara Winfield

On advancement from Lead Officer to Senior Lead Officer
    • Samuel Eversmann
    • Travis Stark
    • Kazuko Sadako
    • Reginald Harris
    • Gerald Fitzpatrick
    • Ged Cambridge
    • Lester Washington
    • Niko Storm
    • Jake Cambridge

On advancement from Senior Lead Officer to Sergeant
    • Mercutio Lynch
    • Roscoe Cage
    • Andrew Hurst
    • Corbin Davidson

On advancement from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant
    • Royce Goodman

On advancement from Staff Sergeant to CIT Staff Sergeant
    • Ramon Cuesta
    • Alyssa Garner

Message Chief of Police Kiril Sokolov if you have any concerns.


Firstly, congratulations are given to Rashid Jamal on promotion to Deputy Chief. Deputy Chief Jamal now stands at the department's first in over six months, and currently the only Deputy Chief.

Secondly, Michael Houston and Tim Velano have both succeeded in achieving the rank of Commander.

Around the time of the promotions being made, Chief Sokolov commented:
On that note, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the amount of effort and dedication displayed by nearly all applicants, but I simply can't choose everybody. If you weren't chosen, it's not the end of the world: there will be vacancies in the future and there will be more regulation of senior ranks. I'm not expecting everybody to be happy, but in the end, how people deal with disappointment will be the true show of character. If anyone wants to know exactly why they weren't chosen, they can come to me and I'll explain why.
Beside the recent changes, Lieutenant Brendan Nash has returned to service alongside a new transfer in the form of Commander Ethan Garner. We also recently saw the departure of Commander Ian Eastwood who has been succeeded by Commander Tim Velano as the head of the Criminal Intelligence Division. Commander Antonio Vega will also be taking the reins of Operational Support as the Commanding Officer.


Each morning, Officers from the Los Santos Police Department step out onto the streets displaying a myriad of symbols on their clothing. Their badge denotes their department, the stars and stripes patch denotes their compassion and loyalty to the United States, their insignia denotes their rank, but there is one symbol more precious and more symbolic than any other - the award medals worn by commendable, heroic and selfless Officers.

This month is no different to any other as we give congratulations to Officers on receipt of a whole range of awards. These awards, and their frequency just go to show the sheer success of the Los Santos Police Department. The issuing of an award is done with careful consideration, and so through the huge number awarded, it can be seen how well the department is functioning and developing.

Awarded for lengthy service to the Los Santos Police Department

This month, our congratulations go to...

...for their three months of sworn duty to achieve the Basic Service Award
    • Andrew Hurst
    • Gustave Lamarre
    • Alonzo Smith
    • Jake Cambridge
    • Kara Winfield
    • Ged Cambridge
    • Kareem Washington
    • Charles Taylor
    • Gregory Turner

This award is given to officers following three complete months of service to the Los Santos Police Department. This serves as the first real symbol of true commitment to the force.

...for their twelve months of sworn duty to achieve the Veteran Service Award
    • Ramon Cuesta
    • Brandon Pierce

This award is given to officers following six complete months of service to the Los Santos Police Department. This serves as a definite symbol of extended and outstanding commitment to the department.

Awarded for outstanding or commendable actions on the field
Each day Officers put themselves in harm's way and do so selflessly and without regard for personal safety, in the interest of public safety and preservation of life.

On occasion, officers do so in a way which is heroic and exceptionally outstanding. Further to this, Officers from the Los Santos Police Department regularly outlive expectations and surpass achievements, which must be recognized. Service Awards are the most effective way to recognize heroism, commitment and achievement.

This month, our congratulations go to...

...for their adverse commitment and achievement in the field, subsequently earning the Crime Fighter Award
    • Reginald Harris

This award is granted to Officers who single-handedly take some action which contributes significantly to the combating of crime within the city, leading to a reduction in crime-rate or a heroic action to prevent or intervene with criminal activity.

Awarded to a single officer for extremely outstanding work
Each month, ONE officer is selected by Command to receive this most prestigious award. This award is an overall congratulations for universal commitment, achievement and excellence throughout the department. An officer who achieves the 'Officer of the Month' award is an exemplary member of the department, and someone who should be looked up to as an inspiration and role-model.

This month, our congratulations go to...

    • Ramon Cuesta

...on his achievement of the September's Officer of the Month Award. Ramon Cuesta's vital roles in both the Criminal Intelligence Division and the Metropolitan Division are a testament to his work ethic and sense of duty and his performance as a Staff Sergeant is above and beyond what we expect. Congratulations, Officer Cuesta.

This award is granted to one officer on a monthly basis and serves to display someone who is essentially the ideal example of what's expected in a Los Santos Police Officer. A true achievement.


The Los Santos Police Academy has been described to be one of the most testing and rigorous academies across the entire United States. The Police Academy opens regularly to welcome in a new group of prospective Police Officers, however only the best of the best make it through to graduation.

The officers that come through the Academy make up the body of the department and form up what will undoubtedly be the future of Law Enforcement, if not here in Los Santos - then in the United States as a whole. A Police Certification from the Los Santos Police Academy is a remarkable achievement, and this month we give our congratulations to...

    • Acilino Perez
    • Carl Lawrence
    • Chino Williams
    • Daniel Evans
    • Darius Davidson
    • David Litchfield
    • George Walkers
    • Hugo Rastelli
    • Ian Jones
    • Jason Riker
    • Jerome Hinton
    • Johnny Graves
    • Lucas Wilkinson
    • Manual Casper
    • Quinn Westley
    • Ryan Reinhart
    • Shaquille Anderson
    • Shaun Clark
    • Stevie Morbit
    • Thomas Gallagher
    • Thomas Romero
    • Vadim Stepanov
    • William Rowland

...on their success, graduation and subsequent hiring as Police Officer Is.


If your cruiser is damaged during the course of patrol, please endeavor to return it to Headquarters immediately and repairs will be undertaken.

Officers are expected to take pride in how they look, which includes the vehicle they are operating. We can't possibly be taken seriously if our vehicles are visibly damaged. If you notice damage on your vehicle, have it dealt with as soon as possible so that we can continue to display an image of uniformity and discipline. Through this kind of meticulousness, we will show solidarity and control; two images which are definitely the right sort of message to convey to the public.


Your job as a Police Officer is to seek information on the law being broken and to deal with this in an effective and decisive manner. The job of the press is to seek information regarding stories which are likely to sell well, and to find this information out in a way which is most convenient for sale. It is also the job of the media to openly release as much information as possible into the public domain, regardless of its nature or potential threat.

Talking to the press does not fall under your job description as an Officer with the Los Santos Police Department. The Public Relations Unit was formed on authority of the Chief in order to unify members of the department who are trained and qualified to speak to the media and present information in an understandable, coherent and valid manner. Over recent weeks there has been a growing number of staff speaking to the media and making statements which have not been verified, and in parts have contained wrongful information. Sensitive and protected information is also reaching the media, which should not be.

It has always been the case that only Public Relations Representatives are able to speak to the media, and this has not changed. Please ensure that if you are asked questions by the media or any press figure that you simply inform them that it isn't your area of specialism, and re-direct them to the Public Relations Unit. If you would like to give a specific name, tell them to contact Sergeant Charles Castellanos or to write to Chief of Police Kiril A. Sokolov directly.

We embrace a positive relationship with the public, but we also value proper conduct in regard to sensitive material. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the procedure and policy in regard to communicating with the media.


The Social Networking Site, Tracebook, has become a very popular feature for many people, LEOs included. Granted, the website is an opportunity to network and communicate with family and friends, however it also presents a number of potential threats to law enforcement. Over the past 6 months there have been several incidents in which sensitive information has been leaked onto the website.

Avoid speaking about sensitive issues pertaining to other law enforcement or governmental agencies - it will come back to you otherwise. Be mindful of the nature of the Internet - anything you say can be viewed by anybody at anytime. Common sense is the key term.


Officer safety concerns sparks procurement of updated riot control gear, armored vehicles
Acting off of officer safety concerns, the Chief of Police allotted funds from the yearly budget for the procurement of new and updated equipment. We're adding updated crowd control gear from Damask Protective Gear ® and three new armored WarCat © vehicles produced by Lesko Armored Vehicles ® to our load-out. Already they have made a huge difference in our day-to-day operational capacity.

Renovations being undertaken
The Los Santos Police Department's Central Headquarters is undergoing major renovations, as most of you may have noticed. We are greatly expanding the workspace of certain divisions and units as well as updating various areas of the station. Please be mindful of the signage and notices - many areas are closed off due to safety concerns. Renovations should be complete in a matter of days.


These statistics are valid as of 27/09/2011.

With all discharges, hires and reinstatements this month, the department figure has changed by 1, with us being 1 up on the total number of officers from last month. That's a 0.7% increase on last month. Last month, we saw a 12.5% reduction from the month previous.

Police Officer Is make up a larger portion of the department than ever before, at a staggering 29.6% of the department.
Police Officer IIs make 22.8% of the department.
Lead Officers' numbers are down by 14.2% from last month, they now make up 14.8% of the department.
Senior Lead Officers are at their lowest, down 28.6% from last month, making up 9.3% of the department.
Sergeants are also down from last month, at 6.2% of the department.
Staff Sergeants make up 6.8% of the department.

There has been a 3.5% increase in the number of non-commissioned staff within the department, despite Command promotions recently taking place.

Only 19.3% of last months Police Officer Is are still in the department, either having been promoted, or remaining at Police Officer I.

This month there are 17 Command staff, each of whom are statistically responsible for 8.7 non-commissioned officers. This is a 10.1% increase in responsibility from last month.

Of the entire department, 76.5% are standard patrol staff, 13% are supervision staff and 11.5% are Command Staff.


Even though this month has been, as the high majority of seasons being an officer are, quite regular, it's important to remember that you as an officer are expected to provide your fair share of time, work and dedication to the department. The foundations of the department are you, it's staff, from Police Officer I patrolling the streets and learning the ropes, to the Sergeant with years of experience under their belt running units, to the Captain ensuring protocols are followed and daily administrative tasks are dealt with...

We ALL have our role to play, and the department wouldn't stand without us working together as a team.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!
Director of Public Relations, Commander Michael Houston
Coordinator of Public Relations, Senior Lead Officer C. Castellanos