It has always been very difficult to achieve official status with your faction in Los Santos Roleplay. It's a priviledge that only handpicked factions with high standards will be awarded with it. Los Santos Roleplay Faction Management has announced a new official faction, which is The Khans Motorcycle Club. The faction was created in the beginning months of 2011 and now they have created a notorious reputation throughout Los Santos. We can expect serious rivalry and competition between The Mongols Motorcycle Club and The Khans Motorcycle Club. This brand new official faction is welcoming new members into the faction who meet the criteria and have enough dedication to stick with them till the end. You can find more information regarding them in their faction thread.

We also contacted the leader of The Khans Motorcycle Club (Jimmy_Kane) and asked for an interview regarding this situation in hand;

    [*] When you created this faction, who or what did you based this all from?

Khans Motorcycle Club is a faction is not based in any real life MC. It was created completly from scratch in order to join two fantastic themes: Motorcycle Clubs and the Punk/Street Punk scene. Influenced by Punk, oi, FSU, S.H.A.R.P. (skinheads against racial prejudice) the Khans are engaged with an almost anarch ideology in the pursuit for ultimate freedom; without stereotypes or hypocrite rules imposed by the society. Living on the underground, marginalized; they do whatever it takes to keep the brotherhood alive. Trying to keep the image of a Motorcycle Club with their harleys, bar and their mechanic workshop they have to keep the real outlaw 1% activities on the shadows. Territorial beefs with another Clubs claiming the posession of San Andreas trough bottom rockers on their vest is common.

    [*] How do I get involved with The Khans Motorcycle Club?

In the Khans Roleplay you will find yourself inside a deep storyline, created by the faction. The storyline is narrated trough chapters, like a book and as players keep playing their roles and making their decisions they build new chapters and the storyline is updated at the faction thread to keep the community informed on what's happening with the club.

    [*] Expectations from the newcomers who are trying to roleplay with us.

Khans characters are expected to show and roleplay their emotions because we're looking foward human beings, real characters with problems, personal thoughs and personalities. The character can be of any ethinicty, social group or gender, however female characters are introduced in the traditional ways, as properties of the club. Property is not a term of disrespect is a term of endearment, depending on the time the property is in the club or keeping a relationship with a member of the brotherhood she might be respected as a full patched member.

    [*] Tips and pointers to the newcomers.

Tips for newcomers? Be creative on your roleplay that's all. You don't need to be a punk with a two meter mohawk or an old metalhead drinking beer while listening to Motörhead. Bring a original concept.

    [*] How did you and your faction members felt when you achieved official?

When the faction became official, we achieved one of our many goals. We've been recognized and rewarded for the hard work we've been doing for almost an year. Creating roleplay not only for the faction, but for the community as a whole. We can only thank the faction managemen and the members that RPed with us troughout this year of 2011. The roleplay standard haven't changed with the official status, the roleplay changed tough. As the faction gets bigger and bigger we are even more strict with the recruitment and the permanence of members inside the faction.

With the new Faction Management system that has recently been implemented, we expect even more and more official factions who have proved themselves to deserve it. Information regarding the new Faction Management system can be found from HERE.