It does not bring me any happiness announcing this but there will be a slight change of plans! /movehouse will not be departing the server. Along with that with the new property system comes the sad reality that people will be losing their houses with this new system.

Although it's not completely bad, there will be a section created in the Refund Request for people who want to actually keep their spot can claim it that section. Only post if you are actually planning to keep your house in the exact same spot you're claiming it at. Also make sure it's really worth it.

I say this because there will be literally a ton of houses to choose from in the update. Any housing exterior could be yours if you're lucky enough to get to it first with the right amount to buy it.

The housekey var for users is used for more than just houses and it's become a useless hassle trying to convert it. It's just better off this way.
For the section.

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