An investigation into the bank robbery that occurred earlier this week was officially closed with the arrest of the final suspect.

The brazen daytime bank robbery apparently involved the use of aviation vehicles and heavy weaponry, but police remained tight-lipped over the exact circumstances. What is known is that hostages were taken inside the National Bank of San Andreas and no negotiations were able to take place. Shots were exchanged between police and the assailants before they fled with an undisclosed amount of money. No injuries were reported.

The LSPD's Criminal Investigative Division subsequently began an investigation into the incident and a total of five suspects were identified: Hirako Flux, Luis Torigas, Daniel Lazic, Vinh Tran, and Raquil West. Four were immediately arrested by police but the fifth, Daniel Lazic, was shot and killed by LSPD detectives after a brief gunfight. The LSPD reports that the majority of the money was recovered, but as of yet have not confirmed the exact amount.

The LSPD reports that it was an apparent bank robbery ring, albeit short-lived. There was a concerted attempt to recruit more into their ranks. That attempt was foiled when an anonymous tip to police lead to two as of yet unidentified suspects. The deployment of the LSPD's S.W.A.T. team lead to a tense standoff at an address in Richman where the two unidentified suspects were located, but both men were later shot dead by police.