Good day, Officer! Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department's Monthly Newsletter, November Edition!

Communication is a must in any organization, and the Los Santos Police Department is no exception. Since December 2010, it has been common practice for the release of monthly editions of the MNL, or Monthly Newsletter. This idea has been in development since its conception and continues to develop each month.

We're seeing a continual growth of the resource this month as many of the same great features make a return, while some newer features are introduced too.

The Public Relations Unit welcomes criticisms, comments and suggestions. If you have any, these should be forwarded to the Public Relations Director.

What will I find in the November's Edition?
1 - Chief's Message
2 - Bulk Promotions
3 - Command Changes
4 - Awards and Commendations
5 - Academy Graduations

6 - General Notice Board
7 - High Command Meeting Minutes
8 - Departmental Statistical Review
9 - Message from City Hall
10 - Closing Statement


With the holidays just around the corner, I believe that it will be a very safe and bloodless Christmas for all - but only with your help. There has been a steep increase in officer-involved shootings and a lot of very good men and women have lost their lives over the past few weeks, so all I ask is that everybody reviews their officer safety guidelines and always maintains a tactical mindset. No matter how low the crime rates may drop, there are always those out there who stand on the outskirts of society and wish harm on those we are tasked to protect and are willing and able to do that. Let's make sure they can't.

On a more positive note, those following the recent political scene of Los Santos will know that Michael Kingsland has recently won the Mayoral Elections of November/December 2011. The Los Santos Police Department will be working very closely with him on a number of initiatives, including the LSPD's upcoming role in the protection of government buildings, a review of the judicial system of San Andreas, and many other key issues that will no doubt lead to a greater period of co-operation and cohesiveness between the government agencies of Los Santos.

We congratulate Mayor Kingsland on his election to the Office of the Mayor and look forward to a very amicable relationship.

Stay safe out there.
Chief of Police Kiril A. Sokolov


At the beginning of every month we recognize the achievement of the one before through means of promotion. During this time we collectively give our congratulations and encourage even more from our officers as the Los Santos Police Command Unit afford staff more authority and responsibility within the department.

Promotion serves as an exciting time. The taking of a new rank and new position of responsibility is a new experience and something that should be enjoyed and embraced whole-heartedly.

For the month of November, our congratulations are given to...

On advancement from Police Officer I to Police Officer II
    • Marcus Hutchinson
    • Marshall Northwood
    • Jesus Ocegueda
    • Wendell Parks
    • David Sullivan
    • Jordan Rakey
    • Brandon Hunter
    • Julius Franklin
    • Rosie Crawford
    • Jordan Gant
    • Adam Carson
    • Arabella Leone
    • Acilino Perez
    • David Sullivan
    • Naveed Khurshid

On advancement from Police Officer II to Lead Officer
    • Jason Riker
    • Fedor Kupetsky
    • Daniel Vinyard
    • Tommy Lamendola
    • Hugo Rastelli
    • Arturo Moretti

On advancement from Lead Officer to Senior Lead Officer
    • Manuel Casper
    • Donald Clark
    • Joel Obi

On advancement from Senior Lead Officer to Sergeant
    • Tsuyoshi Saito
    • Gerald Fitzpatrick
    • Nicky Rogers

On advancement from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant
    • Will Patterson
    • Andrew Hurst
    • Roscoe Cage

On advancement from Staff Sergeant to CIT Staff Sergeant
    • Ziva Seraphim

Message Chief of Police Kiril Sokolov if you have any concerns.

This month we say farewell to Lieutenants Wesley Farrington and Anthony Shields who have both served for an extended amount of time with the force and we wish them the best of luck in the future.

The High Command team have regular meetings to discuss current matters of the department and have deemed it more than appropriate for Non-Commissioned Officers to be able to view the minutes of meeting, so they will be included in every newsletter.


Each morning, Officers from the Los Santos Police Department step out onto the streets displaying a myriad of symbols on their clothing. Their badge denotes their department, the stars and stripes patch denotes their compassion and loyalty to the United States, their insignia denotes their rank, but there is one symbol more precious and more symbolic than any other - the award medals worn by commendable, heroic and selfless Officers.

This month is no different to any other as we give congratulations to Officers on receipt of a whole range of awards. These awards, and their frequency just go to show the sheer success of the Los Santos Police Department. The issuing of an award is done with careful consideration, and so through the huge number awarded, it can be seen how well the department is functioning and developing.

Awarded for lengthy service to the Los Santos Police Department

This month, our congratulations go to...

    • Hizan Smith
    • Kazuko Sadako

...for their one year of sworn duty to achieve the Twelve Month Service Award


Awarded to a single officer for extremely outstanding work
Each month, ONE officer is selected by Command to receive this most prestigious award. This award is an overall congratulations for universal commitment, achievement and excellence throughout the department. An officer who achieves the 'Officer of the Month' award is an exemplary member of the department, and someone who should be looked up to as an inspiration and role-model.

This month, our congratulations go to...

    • Nicky Rogers

...on her achievement of the November's Officer of the Month Award. Nicky Rogers' dedication towards the Los Santos Police Department is almost unparalleled. Day in and day out she is an instrument of justice, be it through the grunt work of patrol to her innumerable contributions to the Robbery Homicide Unit. God speed, Officer Rogers.



The Los Santos Police Academy has been described to be one of the most testing and rigorous academies across the entire United States. The Police Academy opens regularly to welcome in a new group of prospective Police Officers, however only the best of the best make it through to graduation.

The officers that come through the Academy make up the body of the department and form up what will undoubtedly be the future of Law Enforcement, if not here in Los Santos - then in the United States as a whole. A Police Certification from the Los Santos Police Academy is a remarkable achievement, and this month we give our congratulations to...

    • David Gates
    • Richard Franzese
    • Isabella Tyler
    • Caesar Lucci
    • Douglas Jones
    • Ichiro Endo
    • Jesus Ocegueda
    • Marshall Northwood
    • Brandon Hunter

...on their success, graduation and subsequent hiring as Police Officer Is.


Exclusive fresh and refurbished Handbook consisting of all department and officer information.
The High Command team will be releasing, within the upcoming weeks, the Los Santos Police Department Handbook and the Los Santos Police Department Manual which will contain all department structuring, rules and regulations, policies, and guidelines. The new Handbook intends to replace all current policies and provide a more officer friendly and clearly structured document with the ability for easy navigation to reference to any section when needed both on and off duty.

Further information on the status will be released within the upcoming months as aforementioned above. Officers will be given a chance to read the new manual as the manual will not come into effect immediately.

Kickstart your LSPD career by taking these opportunities whilst they're available.
This month has seen both the Public Relations Unit and the Emergency Task Force launch their own recruitment drives. If you're looking to expand your role in the Los Santos Police Department, what better opportunity to do so!

The Public Relations Unit is the 'public face' of the LSPD, responsible for putting together press releases for publication, providing statements for the various news outlets as well as writing and formatting this monthly newsletter. The Public Relations Unit is looking for talented officers who are interested in writing or the media in general to apply for the unit in order to show off their talent as well as do the LSPD a major service. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the PRU in general please direct them towards Commander Michael Houston.

In addition, Platoon C of the Metropolitan Division, the Emergency Task Force has also recently announced a recruitment drive. As an ETF Officer you can expect to handle "house raids, fugitive apprehension, witness protection cases and much more". ETF Officers go through rigorous training to ensure they are prepared for whatever situation Los Santos can throw their way! Not to mention, joining the Metropolitan Division is an opportunity that has excelled many an officer to great achievements. If this sounds like something that interests you, apply today! Any questions regarding the Emergency Task Force should be directed toward Unit Commander Lieutenant Ramon Cuesta.


The High Command team, consisting of our Chief of Police, Deputy Chief and six Commanders' main roles are to review the department regularly, rectify and handle any recurring or ongoing issues, make changes to protocol, code of conduct and regulations - they are the bureaucracy of the Los Santos Police Department. To ensure communication is kept high regular meetings are scheduled for High Command to debate upon all topics above. Matters that have an impact on the department as a whole have been listed below for Non Commissioned Officers to have an insight of the kind of work that goes on in High Command. Please note that sensitive matters are not included for obvious reasons.

    General meeting Information
    Closed session, Monday the 14th of November, 2011.
    Lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

    Chief of Police Kiril Sokolov, Deputy Chief Rashid Jamal, Cmdr Michael Houston (Director of Administration), Cmdr. Jack Vega (Commanding Officer of Metropolitan Division), Cmdr. Antonio Vega (Director of Operational Support), Cmdr. Ethan Garner (Director of Professional Standards), Cmdr. Tim Velano (Chief HC Liaison of CID), Cmdr. Adam Jamal.

    General notices and updates - Chief Kiril Sokolov.

    Monthly Divisional Reports
    Operational Support Division - no issues raised. Cmdr. Antonio Vega.
    Administration Division - public relations recruitment issue rectified. Cmdr. Michael Houston.
    Criminal Intelligence Division - no issues raised. Cmdr. Tim Velano.
    Professional Standards Division - no issues raised. Cmdr. Ethan Garner.
    Metropolitan Division - no issues raised. Cmdr. Jack Vega.

    Matters arising
    Department manual to be updated - focusing on continuity and organisation, to be planned.
    'De-militarization' of the department - focusing more on Public Relations, stricter enforcement for use of equipment and firearms.
    Public Relations - activity issue rectified and attempts and steps to increasing activity will now be taken.
    (Suggestion) Platoon E to be an in service training - will be looked into further by Cmdr. Houston, no objections made.

    Final words
    Meeting round off and planning of future meeting - Chief Kiril Sokolov.


These statistics are valid as of 1/12/2011.

Police Officer Is make up 29.3% of the department.
Police Officer IIs make up 21.3% of the department.
Lead Officers make up 11.3% of the department.
Senior Lead Officers make up 12.7% of the department.
Sergeants make up 8.7% of the department.
Staff Sergeants make up 6% of the department.

Command staff (Captains/Lieutenants) make up 5.3% of the department.

This month each commissioned officer is responsible for 8.4 non-commissioned officers.

Of the entire department, 74.6% are standard patrol staff, 14.6% are supervisory staff and 10.7% are Command Staff.


Here we are at the beginning of a new mayoral term and with at least three months ahead of us there is plenty to be done. One thing you will have noticed is that my involvement with the public services is markedly more than any mayor that has previous held office, at least for the last 12 months. My aim for this term is to restore the relationship between the Mayor's Office and all of those who work for the public services.

Over the coming months there are going to be lots of visible changes for you to be aware of, and I feel that communication is the best way to strengthen the relationship we have, and your trust in me as your Mayor. First and foremost, I will soon be beginning the Public Service Review, where I will be conversing with the executives from the LSPD, but not only them - I am looking to get onto a personal level and invite every single one of you for a one-to-one consultation at The Mayor's Office.

Christmas is a time to be celebrated by all, and that should be without the stresses of work. The Police Command Team do a fantastic job of supervising the entire department, and I do not want to disrupt that admirable process, I do however - believe more time should be given to you as individuals. You can begin establishing contact with me here to schedule times.

On the topic of Christmas, this is going to be a Christmas like no other. The mall is due to reopen in the coming weeks and it is important that it is properly managed. As of this point, that task will fall on the Los Santos Police Department, but rest assured that is likely to change. I am currently in the process of reviewing the options for the formation of a Mall Security team, so as to relieve you of this duty.

Christmas is going to be a difficult time for all of us; you each have your own family plans and arrangement and of course you are going to be beginning to book your time off and your absences, but it is important that we consider the safety of the city as well as our own desires. We are all entitled to a break, and to enjoy our Christmas, but in this field of work it's important that we take everything into account.

Officers who work more than 24 hours of beat work over the Christmas Week (Saturday 24th - 31st December) (~3 hours per day) will become eligible for an unsociable working bonus. I will be communicating with the command staff as to how this will be regulated and monitored, however it is important that you are as active and involved as you can be.

Your work is not un-noticed, and I will go to every length to make sure you are recognised for your adverse commitment to the City of Los Santos; infact, I would go as far as to say if I can arrange for two weeks of intensive Police Training between now and Christmas Eve, I'll happily don a badge and join you that week.

Reach out if you've got any questions or concerns - this is your opportunity, and your Christmas. Let's enjoy it!

Kind Regards,
Michael Kingsland
Mayor, City of Los Santos


Building up to December with Christmas closing near, as we're all aware, there is a clear increase in burglaries and theft in and around Los Santos, as well as increased antisocial behaviour. So, we remind officers to be extra cautious and keep all eyes open whilst patroling the streets, perticularly in the earlier hours of the morning when antisocial behaviour is a common occurance.

We hope you enjoy and make the most of the Christmas season.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!