I felt after dropping the bad news of a house wipe ahead that I'd spread a little light on progress and ideas for the upcoming LS:RP 5.1. The testers and I have been hard at work on continuing the property script that krisk has graced us with before his departure into the army. The new house system takes huge advantage of the new virtual world limit in 0.3(2 billion+) and puts us now at a standpoint where we can have as many houses as we want.

We will NO LONGER be using the pickup system in front of houses. Instead there will be a small red checkpoint that rises in front of you when you reach the entrance of the house. Literally every house exterior inside of Los Santos will be available. We're still deciding whether or not a person should be allowed to own more than one property since we are going to have so many houses- we're nearly up to 900 at the moment.

With the new properties comes new possibilities as well. Such as buying items(fridges, microwaves,etc etc), alarm levels, lock levels, and last but very not least- the introduction of the new house / business robbery system.

The idea has already been brought up about doing the same for businesses as well. That is also in mind. I want and plan to expand that system as well so we can have more businesses around the Los Santos. Main goal of all this is to have always somewhere to go and or do in Los Santos.

Lastly since we can have more vehicle models in the next SA:MP these have been chosen so far to arrive in the server. REMEMBER: This list can change at any moment- meaning more could be added or some could be taken away.

List of cars.

Remember to keep your eyes on www.ls-rp.com for all the latest news on the server!