SWAT Take Out Kidnappers

The Department Has Been Forced to Call in SWAT for an East Beach Kidnapping
Written By Senior Lead Officer Zachary Wilson, Publications Team

On the 29th April 2012, at 20:10, an emergency call came through the hotline, sounding in extreme distress. The call was from a young, frightened male, who screamed "Help I have been kidnapped by asian guys!". Before the emergency hotline operator had chance to ask for a location, the phone was apparently dropped, before it had then been disconnected. Immediately, the operator made a trace on the number, which came back as showing the Orgori Sento, in East Beach. Dispatch was then alerted, and our on duty Air Support Unit responded to the location.

Outside, two vehicles were seen, one of which was a high speed sports vehicle. As the Air Unit's camera operator zoomed into the door entrance of the Orgori Sento, he witnessed what seemed to be signs of a struggle. Other units were ordered to respond, and as they arrived, it was decided that requesting SWAT would be the best route. SWAT entered the building, and luckily they already had an idea of the layout, as an Emergency Task Force Officer was on scene, who had assisted in a breach of the building, not two days prior. When the team of specially trained Officers entered, they were confronted by three males, all armed, who had taken another male hostage. A long time was spent on negotiations, from some of the best trained negotiations Personell in the Department. After some time, it was clear these males were not organised, yet they still demanded three Sultan's outside of the building, so that they could make their escape.

The Los Santos Police Department's SWAT Team devised a plan, and in short, the Sultan's were to be used as a bait. The vehicles were parked up outside and the plan began to take place. One of the males stepped out of the building and immediately went to grasp the door handle, on one of the vehicles. What they didn't know is that a SWAT Officer was ready, in position and waiting to tase the suspect. As he went to enter the sultan, he was swiftly tased and detained.

Whilst this was happening, the SWAT Team inside breached the final room, where the suspects and victim were located, as they were distracted by getting their fellow criminal out. The last two criminals were shot down, and the victim was set free. Unfortunately, there was no other way to deal with the situation. It was dealt with in the most safe manner possible and thankfully, no unnecessary injuries or fatalities were caused, due to the hard work and tactics of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, and the work of the other Officers who assisted in this terrifying situation.