Gunmen Wreak Havok Upon Entire City


By James Hawke


We were warned at TraceNews™ to expect a dry period for a while from our Law Enforcement Sources. There had been a lot of heated situations as of recent and the officers themselves believed there would be a cool down period for a few days at least. In a city which breaks near enough every expectation of itself, it didn't fail to deliver with the situation that occurred on the 1st of June, 2012. At first it was the Rodeo Bank Robbery which we thought couldn't get any worse; Then it was the Hoover Bank which after taking place we were assured nothing more would come across, the start of a cool down period. Just as we thought this city couldn't out-do itself anymore, it brought something more fierce than was ever expected.

It was a typical day, calm as usual in the Rodeo area. Just the 'usual day' as described by several officers. Several nine-one-one calls came in simultaneously about two heavily armed males entering the Rodeo Bank. Almost instantly, the Los Santos Police Department Officers had flooded the scene, surrounding the bank, forming a circular perimeter around the entrance of the bank. A single white Tahoma was parked up outside the bank, doors still opened. Several Officers could be seen withdrawing their pistols, some removing shotguns from their vehicles, before aiming them towards the doorway awaiting the call for the LSPD SWAT team. Unfortunately, to the dismay of many Officers the SWAT team were out training in the middle of the desert, a long way from any quick response.


Many of the officers stood around, hoping desperately for the SWAT team to make it and help handle the situation. *Bang, Bang, Bang*. A discharge of automatic rifle fire spread out from the opening of the bank. People in the area quickly found the nearest shelter to avoid being wounded by the storm of bullets. At this point, it was confirmed: two males armed with modified fully automatic weapons had robbed the bank and were now about to shoot their way free and take down anything in their path to do so.

Patrol officers opened fire with their own weapons, showing the two suspects a wave of bullets with no effect or hinderance. Either they were heavily armoured, on a large amount of narcotics or worse; both. Every Officer on scene bravely put their lives literally on the line as they returned fire, trying their best not to be pinned down by the hail of what seemed to be armour piercing bullets. We witnessed more heroic actions as many of the officers risked their own safety in order to save the lives on multiple citizens.


For fifteen minutes; gunfire was exchanged between the officers and the suspects who were barely affected by the attempts to be downed by mutliple Officers. Civilians were escorted further back from the scene as the two males begin to move forward, opening fire not only on officers, but at cruisers in an attempt to ricoche bullets and wound the officers that were taking cover. They moved closer and closer to their getaway vehicle in which the tires had been previously popped by officers.

One got into the vehicle and slowly began to drive at a walking pace, the second suspect was opening fire as they moved away from the bank. The sound of the metal tipped bullets piercing through anything it met echoed through the city block as everyone seeked cover, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a SWAT team. We heard shouts from several officers that a team was enroute and was currently travelling down Market Street. The suspects came to a halt on the nothern side of Stage Twenty-Five; the driver stepping out. They positioned themself to face the officers, before opening fire with a bombardment of Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and hollow point rounds towards them.

SWAT quickly arrived on scene afterwards; pulling behind the suspects. They didn't want to get too close so they hopped out their vehicles leaving the driver to slowly roll in, providing the cover nessecary in order to get close to the suspects without being wounded. Another hail of gunfire erupted from both sides at the two maniac males shifted their views towards the advancing SWAT team, firing continously towards them. We watched as Commander Hartley gave orders before the SWAT team returned fire with their own assault rifles, firing straight into their torso in order to try and shoot through the armor plating the suspects were wearing, which was previously impenetrable to the regular bullets of the patrol officers.


The intense battle continued for at least thirty seconds before one of the males dropped down, finally being injured by the gunfire from the SWAT team. Quickly; the team saw this as their opportunity to advance. The team then quickly moved upon the final suspect, firing their weapons rapidly at the vehicle and trying to pin the suspect down into a position in which he could not return fire.

Eventually, the remaining suspect took a wound to the leg in which he finally fell to the ground. SWAT Officers quickly surrounded the suspect. It was quite the sight to see them move so quickly even in the face of death in order to eliminate a threat which has been described as one of the worst this city has seen throughout its adventerous time. Both males were apprehended in ziptie handcuffs before normal patrol officers moved in to secure the crime scene. Medical units were brought in to bring attention to the wounds of those injured, including the suspects who made a full recovery before being prisoned for Crimes Against the State.


We caught up with Commander Benjamin Hartley again as usual, providing us with a statement.

"Yeah; it was a difficult day. A lot of people got injured; something our officer's in patrol uniform will need to be prepared for. Considering the amount of "heated" situations I thought personally there would of been a cool down period, that's why I arranged a SWAT training, that's why we were out of town. The actions taken by officer's on scene though was outstanding. They put their lives in danger in order to protect and serve their duty. I'm just glad that justice has been served and we as a force can move forward, using this situation as an example to prepare for much worse, especially with SWAT."

We also caught up with a citizen who witnessed the whole situation, being one of the first to call nine-one-one.

"I don't even know what y'all saw but what I saw was… outta' this world. First they pulled up in this ghetto-a** car, hopped out and opened up the trunk. You know I thought they would of pulled out a brief case or some s*** like that but they had these big-a** guns and hockey masks. I've never ran so damn fast to get into cover, they just started shootin' literally everything up! I called as quickly as my phone would dial, waited out for the whole thirty minutes before finally being allowed to move. I got caught right up at the front of all that, I was scared for my life man!"

Upon top of those statements; we received video footage from two different angles of the situation which shows the final advancement of SWAT.

The intensity of the situation is displayed from the footage; everyone involved feared for their lives, even passer-bys as bullets were richoching left, right and center. All the casualties involved are expected to make a full recovery. The work done by the officers was outstanding, fortunately the SWAT team was there to put an end to it. TraceNews™ plans to follow this story and keep you updated as more information develops.