Client: Download Client Here (30/01/2013)
Forum: 0.3x Feedback.
Information: SA-MP 0.3x RC3

It's that special time again, public testing of the latest SA-MP updates. I'm sure many of you are wondering "Why 0.3x and not 0.3f?" Well, x version signifies that this will probably be the last of the 0.3 compilations. But before all that it's quality testing time, and once again, we, as a community are stepping up to support the mod by...playing!

If you're new to how RCs work around here I'll give you a brief explanation of what we will be doing. Our server will be moving over towards the 0.3x RCs, and every RC update the LS-RP server will follow, and every time that happens you will have to download the new client to join the server.

It may seem tedious but I promise you it is worth it. Regarding LS-RP's future with the new features, well..I'll let you take a few guesses at what we have planned with the new texture model preview system!