Public Defenders Return; Citizens Elated

by Alessandra Limardi

Not too long ago, before Mayor Nixon was inaugurated, she released a manifesto. Within said manifesto lay a few goals including "bringing back public defenders." A noble goal of returning justice to the civilians that the mayor still feels strongly about.

For those who do not remember her words:

"If any of you have been arrested and requested a lawyer recently, the odds are that your request has been denied because “no public defenders are available”. This is unacceptable. I believe that the public defender’s office has been left abandoned for long enough now and it is time for the relevant resources to be put into ensuring that it is restored to full working order. After all, there may come a time when you yourself may need a public defender in a pinch."


On January the third the Public Defender's Office was once again open for recruitment, fulfilling another of Mayor Nixon's "No Bullsh*t" promises to the citizens of Los Santos. With several applicants on the first day of recruitment, it marked the beginning of a long line of successes that would follow.

Already there have been several cases in which citizens have been pardoned by their arresting officers because of legal representation from the Public Defender's Office.


"I'm very pleased with the result" comments Mayor Nixon, "I'd like to thank all those who have applied, our current Public Defenders and also Justice Reed for running and maintaining this important subsidiary department."

For those of you unaware of what a public defender is or what they do:

"The attorneys and other staff employed by the Public Defender's Office render legal services to individuals who are accused of public offenses, and who cannot afford to retain the services of a private attorney. We also represent any person under the age of 18 who is facing juvenile delinquency proceedings, or regarding whom the state has instituted wardship proceedings because of habitual truancy or incorrigibility. We represent individuals who are involuntarily detained in medical facilities in a variety of mental health proceedings because of purported mental disabilities, those as to whom conservatorship proceedings have been instituted because they are alleged to be gravely disabled, and patients whose competency to refuse medical treatment is challenged. Finally, we represent individuals who are subject to contempt proceedings for violation of court orders, such as child support and child visitation or custody orders."