San Andreas Department of Corrections
Prison Rehabilitation - Contract Workers

Without a single doubt, the San Andreas Correctional Facility has been missing variety of rehabilitation programs available for inmates incarcerated in the SACF. While there were occasional therapy and lecture sessions held up by Correctional Officers, there were never any official programs scheduled in advance by professionals to help our prisoners rehabilitate and make their way back into society easier.

As a result of several suggestions popping up during the past, the Department of Corrections have started working on a system that would change the problem with, what was suppose to be their primary task - rehabilitation, being pushed in the back. During the past month, they have managed to set up several positions, allowing regular civilians with proper education to sign up for either a prison psychologist, prison chaplain, prison lecturer or one of many medical positions (doctors, EMTs, nurses, detists) that will help Correctional Medical Services with maintaining a proper level of health awareness in the SA-CF.

This newsletter provides an insight into the many different types of work available within the Department of Corrections in and outside of its facilities and details of current vacancies. The DoC offers careers in a wide range of areas and is looking for talented, energetic, creative and dedicated people who want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Prison Psychologist

    Psychologists provide clinical and risk assessments and treatment for prisoners and offenders in the community and monitor the integrity of programmes. The correctional psychologist’s primary mission is to assist in offender rehabilitation and reintegration. Additionally, the psychologist enhances staff and inmate safety by promoting a healthy institutional environment.

    Majority of inmates have psychiatric diagnosis on admission. Typical diagnoses include the major psychotic disorders, anxiety, depression, antisocial personality and alcohol and drug abuse. Although working in a correctional environment, at first glance, may appear daunting, it provides very interesting and rewarding work for psychologists.

    As a psychologist working for the San Andreas Department of Corrections, you work will mainly revolve around prisoners - scheduling self-help therapy programs that can range from anti-addiction programs for drugs and alcohol to anger management, doing psychological evaluations of prisoners, having individual sessions with help-needed prisoners and the like.

Career Opportunities in Health Services

    Health services staff provides access to comprehensive medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and mental health services for male and female inmates department-wide. This includes health education, preventative care, and chronic illness clinics at the minimum community standard of health care. The scope of health services includes primary care, emergency care, inpatient hospitalization, and special care, as required.

    The San Andreas Department of Corrections offers several career opportunities in health services, most of which are revolving around prisoners. Prison nurse, EMTs, doctors, dentists and others. Your duties in the SACF may vary depending on the position you are applying for, however you must already have extended knowledge and education of the field. SADoC only offers the most basic trainings for these positions and those are only scheduled to adapt to the prison environment.

Prison Ministry

    The San Andreas Department of Corrections recognizes the importance of the continuation of religious involvement during incarceration, that is why employing prison priests and organize and operate a ministry that is understandably needed, is encouraged.

    If you are a member of any religious organisation and would like to help prisoners, you are more than welcome to consider opportunities the DoC has to offer. Areas of prison ministry are: in prison church services and bible studies, inmate education programs, literature distribution, jail ministry, ministry to inmates' families and many others.

Inmate Education

    The objective of prison education is to help inmates gain skills and qualifications that will allow them to find employment when they are released. Research has shown that prisoners who gain employment after release are much less likely to re-offend.

    A teacher for the San Andreas Department of Corrections can be any civilian with teaching credentials with previous career experience.

    Much of the training offered is in vocational and practical skills, such as construction, basic literacy, mathematical skills and career preparation. The learning environment is much harsher than in a high-school classroom, and inmates' attitudes toward their training can vary from highly enthusiastic to extremely negative -- so prison teachers need to be flexible and thick-skinned.


How to Enlist?

    In order to enlist for any of the above mentioned positions, you must complete and pass a basic security clearance before you are scheduled for service. For majority of those opportunities (lecturer, priest, psychologist) you would not need to be officially employed by the SADoC, but would instead work in prison when needed as your 'part-time job' or internship. After a certain amount of time or after completing your internship, you may be employed without any further training process. If you, however, request to be considered for employment right away, you would have to undergo some more recruitment processes about which you can read more on the recruitment board.

    Career Opportunities in Health Services however, require from you to be employed by the SADoC before operating within the SACF and you thus need to go through a certain recruitment process. See the recruitment board for more information.

If you have any more questions regarding career opportunities in the SADoC, you may contact the San Andreas Department of Corrections High Command office or visit their recruitment board.