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The LSRP Awards tradition continues this year aswell. After huge development throughout the entire year, a handful of new features were introduced to the server to make the server a better roleplay environment. A huge thank you goes towards the development team who continue to improve the server daily, the staff who make sure that everyone will have the quickest support available. And last but not least, the players. We want to thank everyone for being part of our community, for offering realistic and fun roleplay, and for staying with us through tough times.

This year's award nominations have started with the help of you, the players, and we hope to go through it together. We have a total of 29 categories for nominations, 6 more in comparison to last year's ceremony. We hope that we've picked the most interesting and engaging categories in order to acknowledge your efforts towards the server and the roleplay in general. Without further ado, here is the list of this year's categories:
    Best roleplayer of 2012
    Most developed character of 2012
    Most influential character of 2012
    Most unique concept of 2012
    Best official legal faction of 2012
    Best official illegal faction of 2012
    Best unofficial legal faction of 2012
    Best unofficial illegal faction of 2012
    Best business of 2012
    Best police officer of 2012
    Best sheriff of 2012
    Best detective of 2012
    Best firefighter of 2012
    Best correctional officer of 2012
    Best news reporter of 2012
    Best gang member of 2012
    Best mafia member of 2012
    Best biker of 2012
    Best inmate/prisoner of 2012
    Best publication of 2012
    Best mapper of 2012
    Best modder of 2012
    Best feature of 2012
    Best interior design of 2012
    Best clothing layout of 2012
    Best event of 2012
    Best driver of 2012
    Worst driver of 2012
    Funniest member of 2012

In order to officially nominate players, copy the format below and completely fill out the form below, then post it in this section: Don't panic if you can't see your own nominations or others'. The system is laid down so no one will be able to see each other's nominations. The nominations phase will last until 12 March, 2013.