Below is a compilation of videos made in the name of LS:RP. Enjoy!

Road Slayers are one of the most violent motorcycle gangs in San Andreas. Founded by friends Zack and Vaughn, the club's been growing stronger ever since day-by-day. They have many allies in the OMC world and only one true enemy, law enforcement. The Road Slayers are known to step on the toes of anyone that gets in their way and are no stranger to violence. This rowdy bunch will do anything to earn some dollars, ranging from arms trafficking, drug distribution, prostitution, robberies, theft and more. The Slayers are one of the most fastest growing motorcycle gangs in the country. Chapter locations range from San Andreas, to Germany, Iowa, Virginia, Kansas, Florida and fifteen other states.

These guys will do anything and aren't afraid of law enforcement. This motorcycle gang is one of the top most dangerous motorcycle gangs in Red County. They are the Road Slayers, "they don't listen to your shitty prayers".

This Los Flores crew was founded by a group of African Americans from the neighborhood of Chicago. "These youths met while incarcerated, going to school together, or growing up in the area. Most of the youth that came from the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. Charles (also known as the St. Charles Juvenile Correctional Facility) was sent to Los Santos to build a base in a new city. They were CO-led by founding member Miguel "Spooky" Valentino who kept the new members in line that were coming in and out of the Facility". Other youths were recruited from the neighborhood and conflict with other sets from other Los Santos neighborhoods were present. In the midst of January, this group shown significant growth and was labeled a primary target by law enforcement for various illegal activities.

Avenue Crips is a gang based in Jefferson Motel. The gang was created to portray the infamous street gang "Crips". The gang was created in 2012 and the original founders where Duante Anderson and Leroy Winstan. Now called 424 Exton Crips, based at Jefferson motel and surrounding areas. It is currently under the leadership of Leroy Winstan and Xavier Quinton.

Corona Varrio Tortilla Flats are an extremely racist gang, formed after the gang injunction of Southside Locotes in the late 1990s. These ruthless youngsters are known as everybody killers, becoming rivals with every gang in South Los Santos. They've been at war with the Trey-M Blood gang that's located in North Idlewood, Crystal Gardens since the early 2000's. They'll do anything to enforce the ruthless and grimey feeling in the atmosphere. They'll even kill Cops if it comes down to it.

Southbridge Asaltantes 516 is a Hispanic street gang, found in early 2013 around the 516 area in south central LS. The gang started with two members only when they decided to form a gang to protect themselves from the local inhabitants of South Central. "Asaltantes" means Raiders in Spanish, during it's early days around the 516 area, Ganton was witnessing multiple street wars between neighboring gangs trying to spread their turf. The gang decided to remain neutral to all sides and picked the colors black to represent Power and the color grey to represent their neutrality towards the on going war. Few members began wearing jerseys of Oakland Raiders purposely because they held the gang's colors.