May 17th:
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You're listening to LSFM, breaking news on May 17th. The rain from yesterday's hurricane has cleared up, and the weather will now be partly cloudy and foggy. Luckily, the airplane brought down yesterday was not carrying any passengers, but unfortunately both pilots died during the collision. However, rewards are being given by the authorities to those people who can find items that fell off the place and bring them to the City Hall in Pershing Square. These items will be located around the county

Los Santos, San Andreas — On Thursday, an American civilian-operated cargo plane, a Boeing 747, crashed shortly after entering the Los Santos Air in San Andreas. The plane was reportedly owned and operated by a private company, chartered by the Red Point Group to transport pieces of fine arts worth million of dollars for their new art establishment project in the city of Los Santos.

"I was working on my roof with my father outside of my house, and I heard a loud noises. When I looked up at the sky, I saw a big plane with things falling from the back. You know, like crates falling, and it breaks into pieces. It just scatters. You can't tell where it's going." Victor Camarena, who lives nearby told the press.

Officials were investigating eyewitness reports that the plane had dropped a considerable amount of items it carry prior to the hard-landing at the dessert of Las Venturas. They were also looking into the possibility that the plane blew an engine during the heavy turbulence in Los Santos, yet still unable to establish the exact cause of the incident.

The crash—which occurred at approximately 02:00AM is still befuddling aviation officials; the pilot who currently are still in a coma, was known as a competent and prepared pilot. He frequently checked and inspected his single-engine aircraft. The five other air-crew are currently treated on the Las Venturas Hospital and unable to give any statement regarding this incident.

Killian Marsch, a Los Santos' spokeperson from the Red Point Group had immediately contacted the authority and the press in regards to the missing cargo from the plane, asking for the help of San Andreas citizen, to look for and return the missing antiquities in exchange for generous reward.

"I need help from you, the citizen of San Andreas. The antiquities that flown out of the carrier, I need it back. It's not because how much it cost, it's because of it's sentimental value it has for some us here. If you find any of it, please bring every pieces of it to the City Hall. Personally, I will exchange it with a very generous reward on our behalf. There's also 3 steel containers each containing my personal quad bikes, that one is yours to keep." said Marsch by the end of the interview with San Andreas News.

Below is an official information in regards to where the missing items, as well as it's return address;
    -1 Piece of moose Head (( Moose head ))
    -1 Piece of Alberto Giacometti sculpture (( Headless statue ))
    -1 Piece of Victorian table furniture (( coffee table ))
    -1 Piece of an abstract painting (( abstract painting ))
    -1 Piece of antique steel chest (( freezer chest ))
    -1 Piece of silver jewelery chest (( small crate ))
    -3 steel containers (( each containing quad bike ))

To be returned in person to:
Los Santos City Hall
Pershing Square
Los Santos, San Andreas

The chartered airline would not release the names of the crew members until their family were notified.


May 16th: This is breaking news on LSFM, the date is May 16th. The hurricane is hitting Los Santos city right now, approaching the center. So far it is believed that an airplane has crashed in the county. We still don't have any details about the crash, but more details will be given as soon as possible. Stay safe and stay tuned Los Santos.

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May 15th: This is breaking news on LSFM, the date is May 15th. The thunderstorm reported yesterday is developing into a hurricane, and is confirmed to be heading towards Los Santos from the northern side. This is a state of emergency. Please ensure you are prepared. According to calculations, it will be hitting Los Santos by tomorrow evening. Please stay tuned for further information.

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May 14th: This is breaking news on LSFM, the date is May 14th, and a thunderstorm is approaching from the north east. It's not currently known whether the storm will reach Los Santos city, but more details will be given shortly. Please stay tuned for further information.

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And Idlestack was destroyed!