San Andreas — Artists, it's time to grab your paintbrushes.

The Los Santos City Commission, partnered with the Red Point Group, is planning to launch a new and exciting project to promote art and highlight art businesses within the state of San Andreas.

Red Point Group spokesperson, Killian Marsch, announced their plan to open the first ever gallery exhibition establishment within the city of Los Santos. "Every artist deserve the credit they deserve." Marsch told the press. The establishment will not only promote the work of a prominent artist, but also giving the local artist a chance to show their work.

This project will be marked by the first ever antique exhibition by a multimillion dollar private collectors, followed by a charity gala and auction. The money raised from this auctions will be used to support our young local artists and fund them in their education.

This week, May 16th, the collections are expected to arrive via 747 cargo plane in Los Santos International Airport. The plane will carry multiple antiquities and piece of arts from a major artist throughout the world, all of which, will be displayed during the gala.