Six years ago Apple unveiled their revolutionary smartphone- the iPhone. Six years ago Michael Bay kicked back into the action-movie industry with his first installment to the Transformers series, while Eddie Murphey slipped right off the ball with his movie- Norbit. Six years ago, we were learning that latest dance move "Crank That Soulja Boy" while dancing Under Our Umbrellas to Rihanna. Six years ago, I had finally graduated from High School.

Six years ago it was the year 2007, which is the same year LS-RP was born. A few Norwegians came together from another server because they believed deeply in their own vision of what a server should be like. It went from being a project with friends a full blown community. Just let that sink in for a second. A small project amongst friends, turned into what we are all playing right now today. We haven't been featured in magazines or anything yet, but still it's quite impressive how large it has grown.

You can read about my first days on LS-RP in my About The Staff profile so I will save you the boring story for now! What I will focus on is the overall progression and change throughout the server. Every year, without missing a step, I've watched this community grow and change every single year. Look around yourselves right now, half of the people you see will be replaced by some up and coming new player. The factions you love today will be old news compared to the new factions coming up at that time.

It's not a bad thing and I'm not trying to make anyone feel old, because it's perfectly healthy for things to be this way. It assures us all that the server will always be around as long as some boy or some girl out there has a taste for playing the role of a character they thought up. The server will always be around to place a smile on someone elses face, and everyone here today and all the members of the past will forever be the ones they will look back on and inspire to be like.

Lord knows I don't show it all the time, and I'm the furthest thing from perfect. I don't know a lot but I do know I love this community. I love what I've been able to do for the thousands of players that have come by. I love the endless amounts of possibilities and opportunities it has to offer. And I am thankful every single day for what I've learned about myself and others over the years.

I've made great friends here, lost friends, made enemies, fought long and pointless battles, grown alot over the years; everything. Honestly, I wouldn't trade any of the experience I've obtained here for anything else. Thank-you towards all the founders past and present for bringing LS-RP into our lives, and thanks to all the members for sticking on this long and crazy ride we try to remember as just a game.

May LS-RP live on until the wheels fall off and the engine blows up!

Oh my Goodness, so many people to thank for this so I'm going to get straight to it.

The Mappers( Burger, Reese, Gooday, Lonex, Benne, Morin )- These boys busted their ass to destroy Los Santos. And to top it off I put them on such a tiny time schedule and they still came through. Thank you guys, the city looks absolutely terrible!
Event Team( Birdman, Bradley, Captain Phill )- Really came through with last minute ideas and event tidying. Helped bring the idea together.
Content( Lucas & Pitchounette )- That's Lucas's voice ladies and gentlemen. Isn't it downright creepy? Excellent job fella and thanks Pitchy for the wonderful upcoming ideas and story.

Yes, upcoming. The event is not yet done, the hurricane is only the beginning. Which is why I encourage everyone to keep an eye on, LS-RP Twitter, hop by IRC, and most importantly be sure to come ingame! I don't want anyone to miss out on the great prizes you have the chance to win- we're gonna have us a nice ol scavenger hunt. Shoulda had one for Easter, but better late than never! Once again stay tuned for that. It all begins Friday night.