Happy July 1st! I hope everyone on the server is getting ready for what is going to be a fantastic summer around here. It is a known fact that as summer comes, our player base is hit each and every day due to school being out and more people having nothing better to do than sit around indoors playing LS-RP! This along with us losing staff members over the past three months have made it so we can now do a successful and well needed staff drive! We are pleased to announce who has finally made it into both the admin and tester team. Aero, the head of testers has wrote something for everyone about who has made it into the tester team and a brief update, I’ll add his message first!

“Happy Summer everyone, I hope that you're enjoying your vacations out from school or work. I know that I am enjoying myself in my vacation and I know that LS:RP gets very popular during the summer - it's our busiest time of the year. This time around I started off with over 40 testers in the team and we slowly made our way down to around 20 testers in the team. A lot of people have come and gone for these short 3 months! My current set of testers have really worked their hardest to keep up with LS:RP demands - being applications, forum work, in-game work, etc. So for these last remanding months of summer I am adding in over 35+ testers into the team. So below is the list of the lucky people who are being welcomed into the staff team.

sirlupash - KaylaSpace - Shruth - Republic - Armonya - Garethkeir - Hound - Maco
Karlton - GreenHaze - Mondim - Jan. - drummerladd - Hockey - Maca
Daabas - perky2k9 - RooKmy - Shin - Adorn. - Sparx
Amez - Koehler - drumj - Nogga - Nessa
Chiky - AmiToSs - Mousie - SaBBinA
Algebra. - ObZen - -KTM-
[Jenny - dodGE - Dopamine]

Congratulations everyone, a forum PM will be sent to you guys with more information of what to do next. If you did not receive tester this time around, do not give up. We're always looking for more people every couple of months so eventually you will have your chance to became a tester one day. (— Aero)”

Before I move on to speak about which admins have got what promotions and who are returning, I’d like to extend a massive well done and thank you to the development team. I’m sure all members are currently aware of the new Trucker, Restaurant eating, Phones and Advertisement scripts that have been added lately by our three developers TomsomTom, Mmartin and BrandonB! These three have done a fanstastic job in the latest releases and I got to say well done on behalf of the entire staff team of making such successful, fun to us scripts! I hope everyone of the community is enjoying the use of them as much as we are.

Now onto the Admin Team, first we have got to announce the unfortunate departure of Pitchouette, the once Head of Admins and Head of Factions. She has left to take on the ever growing responsibilities for herself that real life have thrown her way and we wish her the best of luck in her adventures. She will be missed by many but has promised to keep her face known to the server, good luck and stay tuned for more information about Head of Factions in the coming months, please direct all your faction related concerns right now to the lead admin team or Chete.

Onto some happy news and with that we now have the returning admins, new admins and admin promotions, congratulations guys and girls below and welcome back to the team!

New Admins: BrandonB, icrispy, Samoel, Trumavarium, Conspiracy, Bradley, Meeg.
Returning Admins:
Level 1: Elora

Promotion Level 1 to 2: Jeff, Fishscale, Unoriginal Gangster.
Promotion Level 2 to 3: Hermy, Jakey, Birdman, Damaz, Rees.

Congratulations guys and girls and you will all be contacted later on with set up information. I wish everyone a very happy July and hope the month goes great for you guys! Don't get too sun burnt!