AGMC Take Down Notice

Press Release #216

July 28th, 2014: The Investigations Unit have linked the Aryan Guards Motorcycle Club (AGMC) to multiple crimes as well as had discovered a handful of rackets. Besides drugs and weapon business, the organization was known for committing the "hate crimes", aggravated batteries, kidnaps, murders, grand thefts, and extortions. They were also observed by the unit for performing hate crimes and having a racially discriminant attitude.

On June 19th 2014 (Thursday), the Department of Justice granted multiple search warrants on few on Aryan Guard members' property. It was the first full scale operation launched by the Investigations Unit againstthe Aryan Guard MC after a long period of surveillance. By the time the operation had concluded, the unit retrieved over 45 weapons, over 6000 bullets, and over 1.5kg of drugs as well as shut down a weapons' warehouse.

Yesterday, July 27th 2014 (Sunday), the Investigations Unit launched a take down "Operation Domino" against the motorcycle club, to shutdown their presence from Red County and incarcerate it's members for the outstanding charges. Within nine hours of the operation, the department had half of it's reputable membership were in custody.


From the Desk of IU Command Detective & Task Force Asst. Leader
-Captain-Inspector Elora Garner


There are several detectives from the unit who put day and night and whose efforts are greatly appreciated towards the success of both of the operations mentioned. Few of our newer recruits have also exceptionally proved themselves during the 'end game' of this task force.

I'd like to thank the Executive Staff team for their continuous support towards the Investigations Unit over the past few months and without whom the recent take downs wouldn't be possible. When planning this Operation alongside Lieutenant Firewalker, we both had certain goals in mind that we wished to achieve for a successful take down.

It's been a long road getting from there to here, and I'm glad that the detectives who put effort in this take down were around yesterday to see it through. On behalf of IU Command, I'd like to personally thank the TRU and CSU for their assistance and participation in the Operation.

(( Vote of thanks to Faction Management as well as the AGMC members. ))

Captain Elora Garner
Head of State Crimes & IU Command


From the Desk of IU Director & Task Force Leader
-Lieutenant Cordell Firewalker


As IU director and task force commander, I have to congratulate and thank everybody who contributed and aided us carrying this task force out.

Operation Domino not only resulted in taked own of a rather notorious motorcycle club, but hopefully has also restored peace, law and order within the county, especially Blueberry.

I have to thank VICE detectives for completing a very tedious investigation, and TRU/CSU for assisting and providing support when serving the arrests and warrants executions.

(( Special thanks to Head of Factions for his continuous support and general courtesy! ))

Best Regards,
Lieutenant Cordell Firewalker
Director of Investigations Unit

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