RenegadesTake Down Notice

Press Release #230

September 26th, 2014: Renegades MC were one of the veteran motorcycle clubs in Red County, which were originally noticed by the Investigations Unit on 05/DEC/2013.

The Renegades Motorcylce Club were an outlaw MC who are based off Palomino Creek. Palomino was their first base and headquarters, and from there they started expanding. The outlaw club is structured similar to Road Slayers and Aryan Guard - They are all based off the same concept. As previously said, Palomino is their main "watchtower".

Ever since the take downs of RSMC and AGMC clubs respectively, the Renegades seemed to have expanded their territory to the other counties within Red County. While still operating from Palomino, they seemed to have expanded towards Blueberry and Montgomerry.

On 24/SEP/2014, Investigations Unit launched their final end game operation, "Operation Fallout". The known leadership to the unit intelligence as well as patched members were taken into custody as well as several warrants against the motorcycle club were executed.

When executing one such warrant, some of the patched members had barricaded themselves inside one of their properties at Montgomerry. During this situation, one of the MC members deceased while the others were successfully detained, taken into custody and processed.

From the Desk of IU Command Detective & Task Force Asst. Leader
-Asst. Sheriff-Inspector Elora Garner


Renegades were one of the three visible motorcycles clubs within the Red County when an installment take down plan was deviced to one by one take down these clubs. The three installments were Operation Fools' Gold (RSMC), Operation Domino (AGMC) and now the final installment, Operation Fallout had been successfully executed and concluded.

Sergeant-Inspector Chandler Wright, Head of VICE, and his team of VICE detectives conducted themselves remarkably during all three Operations. The VICE have gone a long way for this elaborate take down procedure and it's good to see that it has been a success and will dramatically reduce the crime as well as weapons trafficking within the State.

(( A vote of thanks for Faction Management as well as members of the Renegades for the great RP they gave the unit throughout the case file investigation as well as the take down. ))

Asst. Sheriff Elora Garner
Head of State Crimes & IU Command


From the Desk of IU Director & Task Force Leader
-Captain Cordell Firewalker


Another hazardous criminal group has finally been expelled from the State of San Andreas.

After a lengthy investigation, which took over one year, IU has managed to marginally disrupt the criminal organization "Renegades MC". Upon collaboration with Department of Justice, after all charges were approved and warrants have been marked ready for execution, Investigations Unit and Tactical Response Unit have performed the take down.

The take down process was very smooth and I am hereby thanking all participants from Investigations Unit, Tactical Response Unit, and Executive Staff. I also have to thank detectives who were putting their lives at risk during the lengthy investigation, and who managed to carry this out to the end.

After destroying three major criminal organizations of San Andreas County, I can safely say that the County is turning into a much safer place to reside in.

(( Big thanks to Head of Factions who assisted the take down, DoJ, and Renegades for honorable roleplay! ))

Best Regards,
Captain Cordell Firewalker
Director of Investigations Unit

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