Hi everyone and happy October 1st! We are fastly leaving Summer behind and getting prepared for winter around the server to make sure we have the right resources available. As everyone knows winter time we see a spike in players around here due to the cold weather and dark early evenings, something of which required more administrators for better availability!

I am really pleased to announce the current new admins joining the team which are:

LuigiX3 - Eren - Gods&Monsters
Wlfeh - Everett - Wink.
Shepherd - Locita

With this we also have some returning admins back to the team so congratulations to the following:

Thuggy - Shaney - Kimberly - Shammy


Level 1 - Level 2 drayzyo, Samoel, Trumavarium

Level 2 - Level 3 Chete

Congratulations to all and will all returning admins please catch me on IRC for more information. Due to the downage of our IRC services it is currently harder than usual to get the required work completed. We are working hard to fix the IRC issue and get everything working again properly so please be patient whilst we try and get this fixed.

Have a good month guys and see you all next month for a more in depth post of what exactly is going on around the community!