San Andreas Network (SAN) Logo

Last December, the San Andreas Network was removed from the server, leaving media fanatics bewildered. Many have asked and commented on the disappearance of the Network; rumours have spread like wild fire across the server, regarding it's return. Some have said that the idea of a set media outlet was abolished, in order to let other people have a go for a while. Others have said that it won't ever return, period. This post is here to inform everyone that the San Andreas Network is definitely going to return; And soon.

I enjoy the fact that there wasn't a concrete answer for the faction's return until now, it gives off that cliffhanger feel. Although, I understand that making everyone wait a whole year for this is quite over the top, but we wanted to create a quality, on point faction that helps everyone on the server, rather than a mediocre, boring faction that sticks to itself. I really hope everyone agrees with my there, because what we've come up with is something that will blow most of your minds. We've taken into consideration each and every suggestion ever created for SAN, and placed it into one fantastic script. Who made the script? Damian, of course! One of LS:RP's finest scripters. The script introduces a whole new world for every single media faction out there, as this brand-spanking-new script allows them to use our abilities, without even being apart of the faction. That completely contradicts the rumour about SAN being the only major media outlet, right?

Not only the aforementioned, but the script also adds something we like to call 'segments'. A segment can be literally anything you want it to be: a reality show, a news show, a newspaper, a magazine... you catch my drift. Currently, we have 4-6 shows, which - unfortunately - you'll have to wait to see what they're about, but I assure you, they're going to absolutely fabulous. Moreover, the script also offers more than one show to be broadcast at once! With one simple command, you can switch through your character's favourite shows any time you like, depending on what's on at the time.

In a nutshell, the San Andreas Network's return, which is going to be very, very soon, is something for everyone to be very excited about. I'd also like to personally thank everyone who's participated in the development of SAN's new era, it couldn't have been done without you.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the faction, please PM Damian or Shruth (myself).