Crooked, evil-smelling, meth-smoking and greasy bikers with a slick devil's head sewed on the back of their vests. Their motivation is rather the money than their enthusiasm for bikes. On the face of it they seem like people dealing with problems of the everyday life, but in reality they are up to mischief all around the outlaw state, San Andreas. They started off as a small-time motorcycle theft ring based in Las Colinas led by doer Jerry Anus and criminal mastermind Gary the Mink — The Damned Souls Motorcycle Club, a sophisticated criminal enterprise. In public they are known for the controversial ten day San Andreas War Veteran Awareness Ride they participated in, hosted by the eponymous charity SAWVA whose spokesman is Gary Minczeski, a high-ranked member of the club.

Nowadays, considering they are a highly structured criminal organization made up of multiple inducted (patched) members, their criminal activities, including but not limited to weapons trafficking, drug dealing, prostitution and other violent crimes. The dirty work is mostly carried out by fairly young members that are deluded by shared values such as loyalty and fraternity. But when you take a gander behind the scenes, you will find nothing but relentless greed coming from former Galloping Goose members that betray each other not exactly scarcely.

Behind all this are Shepherd and Unoriginal Gangster, both part of LS:RP's staff, who started the faction at the end of July 2014 along with three other players. They both have always desired to set up a successful faction, and since they were both interested in the outlaw MC scene, they decided to give it a shot and and start something unique in terms of biker roleplay. The faction is supposed to be a realistic portrayal of a modern-day outlaw motorcycle club. The inducted members regularly hold meetings, so called churches, and regularly engage in fun role-play involving associates, or rather prospects and hangarounds, such as organized rideouts, rallies, social events or just hanging around in bars or trailer parks, enjoying a cold beer or playing pool. We interviewed one of the Faction Leaders, Shepherd;

Q: How did you approach the opening of your faction? Did it take you a lot of time to prepare it?

Shepherd: The preperations didn't really take that long. Me and Unoriginal Gangster have been thinking about setting up a faction for a while prior to our opening but we were a little doubtful on the outcome because of our earlier two attempts on starting one. This time we wanted something unique and we were already pretty convinced it would be an outlaw motorcycle club. We didn't just want to spawn out of the blue and to put the emphasises on our character development, we started to brainstorm about our story, what our characters would be and where they would come from. After we had it all prepared, we started writing the thread, changing our names and started off without hesitation. It's safe to say we have had a mad development along the way, something I am really proud of and enjoy looking back to, leaving me no single point of regret of opening this faction.

Q: When did DSMC receive official status and how did it feel when you got notified?

Shepherd: We have received the official status on February 13 this year, together with the 516 Ganton Hoover Criminals. It was a little overwhelming to have all the congratulations thrown at us and it was heart warming to see how many people were happy for us. This appreciation by the community really boosted not only mine but also my faction members their motivation and dedication.

Q: Do you have any other major goals or plans for your faction?

Shepherd: I don't really have anything major planned in the future. We already have achieved a lot and fulfilled a lot of our wishes, including gaining this status. If I really need to mention something, it would be my wish to play a huge part in the outlaw motorcycle club role-play on this server. I would love to be a role model, making my faction the faction that will held as an example to others. I have already received such comments and it honestly makes me really happy to see we are contributing so much to the MC scene on the server, but there is always room for improvement and we are trying our best to become that role model we would like to be.

Q: What was the greatest experience you've had yet during your time in the faction?

Shepherd: The little moments where we were engaged into deep, fun role-play were the ones I enjoyed experiencing the most. There were moments where we were literally out riding for hours through the whole map while being under the influence of methamphetamine, card games that engage into a fist fight because of someone who is cheating, club grill parties, drunken brawls, you name it. I love it all and I hope I could experience this kind of role-play for a very long time.

Q: Do you have any advice for other faction leaders in terms of gaining official status?

Shepherd: Don't let the official status change your faction in any single way. It's the worst thing you could do to not only your faction, but your faction members as well. I experienced a lot of official factions that not only changed out-of-character, but also in-character. Of course you really should make use of all the extra priviliges you get with the status, but you should just keep on doing like you always have been doing because that's why you got official in the first place. If you make any drastic changes because of all the extras, you'll sooner or later find out the faction is not how you imagined it to be when it would get the official status. This is something me, Unoriginal and our faction members have been trying to avoid to happen ever since we were given the perk and I think we have been doing a great job at doing so.