Hello everyone! I can not believe that we're almost into the summer time again, it seems like time just flies by on LS:RP everytime I make these posts. Anyways, I received probably 250~ tester applications, and we have not even went through and reviewed them all fully yet. For the most part we have, but there's still quiet a few left - so if you applied for tester, there's still a chance that you might make it to Reserved Tester within the next few weeks. Other than that, there's not much else for me to say! We're adding a really good amount of people into the staff team, I'm really excited for this one - I always love seeing fresh new faces into the team. So, congratulations to the new Tester's.

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Congratulations and Welcome to the staff team everyone. As usual a forum PM will be sent to you on the forums for more information regarding your introduction into the team.

- Aero, Head of Testers.