More enterable buildings and houses? Rank insignia for law enforcement officers? Frying a juicy steak in a pan in the kitchen of your apartment? No, this is not merely vivid fantasy, but rather the new features of the newest update to SA-MP's 0.3 branch that has been in its testing phase recently and is now finished - SA:MP 0.3.7. This anticipated update is no mere window-dressing either, it actually addresses nearly all of the encountered problems of 0.3z such as vehicle rotation syncing, camera collisions, spoofed connection flooding and more. Overall the update comprises the following things:

    531 new objects
    Enterable apartment buildings; LS BeachSide (replaced with SA-MP's original building) and Capitol Tower (with underground parks)
    House sections with enterable interiors
    12 variations of the existing skins
    Island land objects
    UI font size, face and weight changing
    Weather cull zones for central locations
    New dialog types
    Audio siren capability to all cars
    Vehicle door/windows open/close ability
    Simple static actor system that doesn't use up player slots
    Filterscripts demonstrating some of the objects/building replacements
    Various client commands and script functions
    Connection cookie system

    Vehicle rotation syncing
    Larger scoreboard depending on set resolution
    Birds won't fly through SA-MP objects
    Camera targeting
    Streaming memory allocation amount uses the total system memory

    Various fixes and adjustments for issues such as camera collision, objects with draw distance > 300.0, the spraybug and texture loading 'memory leak'

LS:RP has already made the first move by updating the server to the RC1 and RC2 version and updated to RC3 a short while ago. This fixed a couple of bugs from the former updates and new features were added, so it shouldn't take long until we're on the final version. Given that LS:RP has a diverse playerbase and close ties to the SA:MP development team, it served as a way to have the release candidate versions which the server updated to frequently tested extensively in order to have all kinds of bugs reported that our players experience. But in what way will the finalized version actually affect LS:RP's role-play? Pretty much all types of role-players are benefited tremendously; avid house designers, ill-fated alcoholics, law enforcement officers, musicians, cooks, professional boxers and so on and so forth. Objects that came out with the RC2 version such as crime scene tape and a pool of blood will make the dreams of crime scene investigators and even realism-oriented criminals come true. But also a well-functioning corpse system due to the implemented actor system feature.

As for instance, being able to cordon off sites of crimes properly and perceive ranks of officers at first sight or spot possible robbers with balaclavas out of your house's window will establish a huge incentive, open up myriad, new kinds of roleplay possibilities and impart a more realistic and dynamic touch to the server. You will now even have the possibility to make traffic stops even more fluent roleplay-wise by being able to open and close both car doors and windows yourself. To boil it down to an essence, the finalized update will hopefully give us a carte blanche to roleplay more dynamically and realistically and make LS:RP even more fun! The implemented objects of each release candidate can be admired here; here is a set of pictures I took myself with the most interesting and tempting objects.