Los Santos Hit By Meteor Strike
Written by LSFD Public Affairs

On Sunday 17th May 2015, the city of Los Santos was yet again subject to another natural disaster when Meteor's rained over the city and the surrounding county. The Los Santos Fire Department, Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Sherrifs Department, San Andreas Department of Corrections and the Los Santos Government all played a key part that night and every night since in ensuring the safety of the citizens of Los Santos as well as to preserve as much of the city as possible. It is reported that the death toll has passed 500 and numbers are rising each day as the Bureau of Public Utilities and Los Santos Fire Department attempt to free the trapped and find the missing.

During the first hit's, citizens were evacacuted to several areas out of the city until a safe location was found in the Bayside Tunnels. The SASD played a key part in ensuring the safety of citizens at the evaucation site alongside the Government. Meanwhile SADOC were allowing one of their sectors to be used to house the severely injured so that the LSFD Physicians had a place to work. Meanwhile, the LSPD were continuing to evacuate as many as possible out of the city while trying to keep the peace. During all of this, multiple meteors hit the city resulting in the LSFD scrambling all of their personnel in an attempt to tackle and minimize the damage as much as possible.

So far key there have been multiple key sections of the city that have been destroyed, including All Saints General Hospital and the Mall, with hardly no part of the city left untouched. The Commissioner of the LSFD, Jennifer Hastings, earlier in the week released the following speech to her department:

"The Firefighters, EMT'S, Physician's, Coroners, Nurses and Psychologists all played their part that night and still are each night right now. It was with great pleasure to be able to work alongside the men and women of the Los Santos Fire Department who worked continuously and saved countless of lives. Even though some of you were injured, you picked yourselves back up and continued on working. Even though you knew that the Bayside Tunnel, SACF, FCMC or the abandoned airport could be hit at any moment, you continued to treat the wounded. Even though you knew that a meteor could land straight in front of you while in the city, you continued to put out the fires and free the trapped."

The Los Santos Fire Department urges all citizens of Los Santos to work together to get through the traumatic events that have occurred. We're still unsure if the danger is yet over but together as a city we can all make it a better place than before. We'll continue to search the rubble to find our lost loved ones, dead or alive; no one deserves to be trapped. The rebuilding of the city begins today and together we can make it a better and safer place to live.

Approved for public release by:
Commissioner Jennifer Hastings