303 | 184

Frank Vaughn | Rakesh Namir

Although the second round of elections pulled in over 485 votes, an astounding number as well, I was more amazed with the turnout during the first round of elections. We managed to break the record once again with 884 people turned out to rock the votes!

The numbers from that election were:

438 | 350 | 99

Frank Vaughn | Rakesh Namir | Jebediah Clarkson

Truly amazing to see how every election we somehow seem to grow more and more when it comes to political interested players. Not trying to shoot too high but who knows we could possibly reach over 1,000 votes one day.

Either way the city has come together and they have spoken not once but twice, and they have stated they want Frank Vaughn! This is Frank's first time running and in process broken multiple records.

Good job and good luck!