Summer is finally here! We're about to enter the most anticipated months on LS-RP, when there's no more school and your boss lets you leave early because the expenses on air conditioning are just too high.

Historically, July is the most active month of the whole year. Only during last July, we all together spent 249,794 hours in-game! To put it into perspective, that's over 335 months of playtime in 31 days. I would be lying if I said that I'm not curious if we're gonna triumph these numbers this year.

We're about to step into months with great activity all around the clock, whether you play during the server's peaks or graveyard times. Variety of unique, active factions, multiple events organized by our teams, competitions or game updates are also things to look forward to.

I'm sure many of you noticed that there's been several changes on the server recently, we've been working tirelessly to improve and ready our servers for the summer to come. We still have a couple plans left in our sleeves, but I won't reveal these to not spoil the surprise. If you want to stay in touch with changes, follow the global topics on the forums and the Game Changelog and Web Changelog. I'd also like to congratulate our new manager Collins and two new leads Aero & Surreal on their new, well deserved promotions.

Server development and various upgrades which I mentioned above aren't going to stop during the summer either. In fact, we'd like to challenge ourselves and invite new developers and mappers to help us shape LS-RP and its services in a way so they provide a better experience for all of us. The positions will be announced shortly.

That being said, the last thing on my mind is that I wish you all good luck and great fun in summer. Don't be afraid to explore and experience new things.

Development Team