Hi everyone!

First and foremost I wanted to start off with thanking the community for giving me such a nice welcoming. I have been met by nothing but supportive people. It feels really good to have such a massive support from the community. Thanks guys!

July went by so fast and I can not believe that it is soon time for most of us to go back to school or work. I hope you guys enjoyed your summer!

During July, we opened the tester applications and I have received around 250 applications and we have not went through and reviewed them yet. So if you have not gotten reserved tester yet do not worry because there might still be a chance!

I am really excited typing this as it will be my first global post on the LS:RP UCP and also my first tester batch! So, without further ado, here is the new and returning testers for 1st of August!

Gepan - Antimacyy - Dominykas. - Generic - Clem-Clem - Lean - TheNanda - Simon. - Scarlett_Newman - Conti - MikeTheMike
[Avast - Koehler - sirlupash - Ramon - dodge - Nolan - ddey - Ryder]
(List is not final)

Big congratulations and welcome to the staff team you guys! As per usual a private message will be sent to you on the forums for more information regarding the introduction to the team.

- Damaz, Head of Testers.

Admin Team Update:

There's not much for me to add to this, just going to go ahead and announce the admins that are have passed the TA system!

.hack - Tomsc - TheGoldenDuke - Father - quez_ - Chrome!

(List is not final)

Congratulations you guys and welcome to the admin team!

- Aero Head of staff.