We're pleased to announce that we have had 5 submissions this year toward the Show Your True Colors event! A gigantic step up from last year and an all together step in the right direction for our Youtube channel and community overall. To preface this all, I'll have you all know that our current Youtube channel has over 500k views all together and 4k subscribers. And to think it really does not get the attention it fully deserves!

We're aiming to change that this year and we're using the Show Your True Colors to kick it all off. For all the other factions and businesses out there please don't think this is a one time thing, you're always free to PM me on the forums and or anyone on the media team or faction management to have your video uploaded. Same for the current factions, feel free to always keep the videos coming.

Help us help you to help LS-RP!

But without further ado...

[LS-RP] Los Cycos XVIII

[LS-RP] Los Santos Police Department

[LS-RP] Hēi Guī Bāng

[LS-RP] San Andreas Sheriff's Department

[LS-RP] Cardinal Heights MaraVillains 424