tonight we're introducing an update to mostly address a couple bugs and small changes on the game server. The full list of changes is as follows:

- Added /rw as a shortcut to /rollwindow
- New animation: /carry

- /tru changed to /sed
- If you're near a boombox in a vehicle with its radio off, you'll hear it.
- Automatic /me's in /loudspeaker and /showcontact(s) made unisex
- You can now buy skins 93, 303, 304 and 305 in clothing stores
- /db, /duty and /heal now give you spawn health instead of flat 100.0

- /convo now automatically ends if your buddy logs off
- Spoken text appearing grey or unseen for people in the same car in event of high speed and lag
- Draw distance in SACF
- Various typos
- Being able to call NPC hotlines (911, taxi etc) without signal
- Being able to /lock breakin a vehicle you're sitting in
- Issue with fines not being deducted properly on jail/prison sentencing
- Being able to use phone while /tied
- Misplaced watch tower in SACF

- A line about /needmedic from newspaper

You can look forward for more maintenance updates or small new features in the following weeks, we'll be trying to deliver them periodically as we used to about half a year ago.

The one and only,