besides following up on the 5.4.172 patch with another stack of bugfixes and minor updates, today we're also adding a couple small mapping updates. There's a decent couple of them still pending to be added, so you can look forward to more new maps in the upcoming weeks. Tonight's update contains the following:

- CCTV objects where the /cctv locations for the police are
- Fort Carson gas station mapping

- Automatic levelup expanded up to level 5
- Impounders can now buy towtrucks at dealerships
- Prisoners now spawn at the Fort Carson train station on release
- Rewritten internally: /pullincar
- LSFD members can now /duty, /offduty and /uniform in faction-owned properties
- ASGH enters/exit restructured internally

- Being able to heal and get armour in interior #4 if you were a cop
- Being able to enter a house from another house if their positions clashed
- Taking drugs from storage showing your name in the automatic /ame if masked
- Inability to /tie players with skin ID >= 300
- Spawning outside the Police Station if you used /releaseme in SACF yard
- Being able to give someone a negative amount of prison items
- Being able to trace admins on adminduty or spectating
- Ability to /plant and /createdrug in prison
- /fish automatic /me made unisex
- Being able to begin a prying process while already prying a vehicle
- Floating radio tower in Red County
- Bugged trailer house in LV - remapped
- Bugged wall at fishing pier you could jump through

- Boxing ring from the SACF yard
- Global message on a stats back-up
- /hpenter, replaced with /enter
- Unused /enter spots

We've also added a couple debug tools to help us track down some of the infamous issues, such as the glitched shooting system. We'll probably be updating you on that shortly.

With love,