Hey guys,

if you keep tabs on the feature documentation on our forum, I'm sure that you've noticed the garage system that was announced earlier this year. As of version 5.4.175, the update's been implemented.

Right now we're in the process of assigning garages to houses and businesses. Public / personal garages will be added shortly; some of them will be auctioned off. If you own a house that has a garage on its exterior, you can request it to be scripted here.

If you have any ideas for the garage script, feel free to make a thread in the suggestion board. We already have a couple things ready for a later date -- for example perks for mechanics if they operate from a garage.

As with any other update, there were other changes as well. The following changelog is after evening out all major details and issues with the original garage script:

Updates 5.4.175 - 177
- Garage system!

- Added custom mapping near Verona Beach for Public Enemy Number 1
- Added an inner parking lot near Commerce S-Curve
- Added doors outside multiple apartment complexes throughout LS
- Added custom mapping in Marina for The D'Aquila Crime Family

- Mask (/mask) purchased in a 24/7 now saves for 15 minutes after you crash/quit
- Fighting & melee damage returned to its previous state
- Added /knock, /ds and /ddo for garages
- You can now /leavegun in an interior
- Added a cooldown period for chopping off the same vehicle
- /factionon and /admins are now in rank/level order
- /sellweapon is now available for weapon suppliers too
- You can now handcuff players in brutally wounded mode

- Fixed intercom not working for the hospitals
- Addressed timer delays (SACF sentences taking longer than they should)
- Issue where chopping the same car repeatedly would generate more money

- Precinct #3 from /setp that was removed


Development Team