Meet the Admin


Los Santos Roleplay has been open since May 2007 and, since then, Game Administrators have come and gone. Game Administrators serve as the face of the community when it comes to enforcing in-game rules, forum rules, and for holding some of the most lucrative positions on the server. All Game Administrators were, at one point, players just like you. This series of articles, known as Meet the Admin, is about the origins and experiences of certain Game Administrators. This edition of Meet the Admin features Pitchounette, a current In-Game Lead Admin with Los Santos Roleplay.

Pitchounette, or "Pitchy" for short, has held a variety of roles in the past, including as a Lead Administrator. Pitchounette currently holds the position of Head of Factions and is currently engaged in discussions to address the concerns surrounding the current weapon trade.

Pitchounette joined Los Santos Roleplay in January 2010, finding it on a local forum. Being a fan of the Grand Theft Auto, she gave Los Santos Roleplay her interest and submitted an application. Like many current members of the community, her first application was denied. Instead of giving up, however, she studied the server rules as if there were a college examination about them. After submitting her second application, she was accepted to the server and quickly aligned herself with the Indonesian community, which was very strong in 2010. She humbly admits that her roleplay skills weren't great in her first days, but credits her friends in the Indonesian community with helping her get a lot better. Within a few months, she set out to make her own success and focused on joining an official faction called Auberg. According to Pitchounette herself, "Without Auberg I wouldn't be where I'm at, not even close. So Coup, Vince, ev0, Merca, Korky, Dima, krille120, Feldt, kavinsky, you're my guys."

Pitchounette has roleplayed numerous characters throughout her six years on Los Santos Roleplay. From roleplaying as an employee of Auberg Incorporated, to roleplaying as a Police Captain, and roleplaying as a triad member, Pitchounette is certainly experienced with faction-based roleplaying. She cited a character called Selina Zhao as her single most memorable character, with her Auberg characters as a close second place. She said that Zhao was a memorable character because it was her first truly developed character, with Coup's triad called YZB. Coup reflected back on when Pitchounette first got involved:

"She landed in Auberg some time in early 2010 after wandering in to our Market Street bar, Oktoberfest. As was the custom back then, faction businesses were a sure-fire way to get recruited and soon enough she was working for us. She rode it through to the bitter end, staying up until the end of Affiliates - the Auberg splinter faction that lasted until some months after I left."

On May 28th, 2011, Pitchounette submitted her application to become an LS:RP Tester. She admits that she had her doubts about it, and didn't think she would be selected for such a competitive position. With no friends other than kavinsky on the staff team, she had her doubts as to whether or not she would be noticed and selected. To her surprise, she was selected and became a Tester in 2011. Through out her tenure as a staff member, she still claims that her biggest accomplishment, other than becoming a Lead Administrator, was achieving the position of Head of Factions. She says that her immense support from the community and from key community leaders like Surreal are all things she's grateful for, and that support from former community managers Damian and Collins are the reason she was able to achieve the success she did.

Behind the screen, Pitchounette is a recently-married military servicewoman who is currently in the active duty Army. She currently lives in Hawaii with her new wife, and plans on adopting a Finnish Lapphund puppy in a couple of weeks. She admits that she is socially introverted, and won't often speak on Teamspeak, but wants player to know that she's always available if they need her help. She has always had a no-nonsense approach to administrative tasks, but always keeps both a positive and welcoming attitude about everything on the server. As Head of Factions, she is the go-to person when it comes to your day to day faction problems and always maintains an open door policy for people wanting to talk to her about factions issues or general assistance.

CREDITS: Axis. & tw1ster.