The end of an era:

Strelnikovskaya Bratva


Factions are an ever-growing wonder of our community and the prominent staple to keep players grounded and interested in LS-RP. With most recent official faction closing, the Strelnikovskaya Bratva, we write this excerpt in hopes to not only educate aspiring players but reflect on the positive impact they've made on the server during their tenure here. With their opening in Januarary of 2015, the Strelnikovskaya Bratva have made themselves a staple piece for the year and brought themselves into 2016, where they met their demise in early April. I caught up with leadership of the Bratva for a few words on how the inner workings of the faction went.


Who was the core membership for Strelnikovskaya Bratva?
"Ethanol" wrote:The core was composed of four friends, all four of them had a vision of starting an illegal faction which was a bratva, they didn't want to RP one of the post 90's organizations; instead RPing their rivals. Those are basically the only 2 categories of Russian Criminal RP and they wanted to RP the least popular one. Afterwards, they gathered a group of outsiders, including a few former staff members you may know, such as: Bully, Domynikas and me - Ethanol. Eventually we started attracting different people from all sorts of areas in the LSRP community, so the starting set or whatever you want to call it consisted of all sorts of people. The actual founders were Avast, Ofek223, iChester and MadCow.

What would you say was the main factor for the faction's roaring success?
"Ethanol" wrote:I think our success came from a mixture between extremely motivated members and some of us having a lot of knowledge in role play. For example, one of our members called Cherry Banana used to run a faction called Zubovskaya. Zubovskaya basically contained the people who later on created our faction, Volgogradskaya, Kabanovskaya - basically most Russian factions up to this day. Players like Avast and I created the Russian RP guide, so I believe people who weren't experienced in Russian RP had easy access to it by talking to one of us or simply reading the guides we made. We basically made ourselves available to anyone who had decent understanding of detailed role play, the more specific stuff like what Russians should do was taught by us so people didn't have a hard time adjusting to it.

What was the hardest feat Strelnikovskaya Bratva faced and overcame?
"Ethanol" wrote:I believe the hardest thing we had to overcome was around halfway through the faction when we had to CK a good chunk of the faction, literally half of the faction was killed due to in character reasons and moving on was really hard, but we sat down and decided we weren't giving up and completely remade the structure, recruiting new insiders. Eventually, towards the end those were the key members who led the faction, so everything worked out well. Here's where I'd suggest, new faction leaders don't give up when your member-base drops, even if it drops insanely low, I suggest you keep trying. Eventually people would join so don't let it get to you.

What are your tips for someone looking to create an organized crime faction?
"Ethanol" wrote:Well, the first tip I would give you and I'm saying this before you go out and find your core and whatnot is finding someone who actually knows how the RP works and I don't mean having knowledge from articles, I mean someone who got it from people in his country and so on. A lot of the articles, movies and documentaries are so inaccurate it hurts, so it's always good to hear it from someone who knows what he's talking about. He doesn't have to be part of the faction either, just come to someone who you think knows a thing or two regarding that type of role play and hit him up. You'll get an answer in most cases.

Then once you know how the faction should actually work, instead of how it works in the movie, you assemble a core of a few members. You don't need to start of with an (X) amount of e-dollars and an (Y) amount of businesses either. You just need people who are willing to stick to the faction till the end. Money will come along the way, even if you don't manage to pull through in illegal means, savings is there for a reason and so are the jobs, at-least at first. Businesses can be leased and the faction complexes now only cost $1.5 million so you have every tool to help you out around the beginning. So go ahead and lease a business in your area, get enough money for the complex and grab a few people you trust, you now have a basic structure for your faction with in character residence for all of them and a legal front, so that's a good start in my opinion.

Then I simply suggest to go along with development and invest time in your character development. Make sure the topic's clean and looks good. I'm not telling you to have every screenshot look exactly the same as the other one, I'm completely against that, but a good thread and interesting RP attracts people and there's no way around that.

Finally, I suggest you push the faction forward without pushing too hard for the official status. I'm not telling you not to apply, in fact, I think it's practically mandatory to apply since you get FM's help with the faction which is insanely good. But, thinking too hard about becoming official ruins both the fun and eventually the in character involvement over the out of character involvement in the faction. For example, the first faction I led called Centralnaya Bratva revolved purely around getting the official status which was not the way to go. Not only did it get boring, it became more of an out of character race to official than an in character race to success. When we opened Strelnikovskaya, all of us knew this wasn't the way to go so we focused on in character events this time around and got it when we did. I only completely realized that there's absolutely no rush to get the official status after I became official; but yeah, I strongly suggest you just have fun. After all, it's a server on a computer game and eventually that's our goal. Whether you're a staff member or not the goal is to create a fun and realistic atmosphere for everyone to role play around and that should your reason for starting a faction.


Ethanol definitely provided logistical and inspiration advice for new players looking to expand on a new concept of role play! We thank Ethanol for his contribution to our article, LS-RP and the players surrounding the faction he once led. If you'd like to view the Strelnikovskaya Bratva's thread, you can so by clicking right here.

In closing, we thank the leaderships and more importantly the members who stuck around through thick and thin to make the faction what it was, the memory and imprint it leaves behind will forever be fermented in the minds of those involved and most certainly paved the way for a lot of the role players in their faction to go on and spread the knowledge they've learned while apart of the Bratva, in other places. Also, if you're like me and wondering how to pronounce the name? It's pronounced: Strel-nik-ov-skaya.

CREDITS: tw1ster.