CJNG, a faction that has been running since February 2015, finally became an official faction as of May 15th, 2016. This faction is led by iJoker, along with Apophis and Shaikh.

The Rios-Montero Cartel, also known as Northern Trafficking Organization, is fictional and created for LS-RP. The Rios-Montero Cartel is a "cell" of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, abbreviated as CJNG, which exists in real life. The real CJNG is a criminal organization that has been in many conflicts in the past, including several massacres from 2010 onwards.
Though the faction may not be a criminal organization in real life, it does draw many influences from the actual cartels like CJNG, and does a good job at it. This faction seeks to realistically portray the CJNG cartel by partaking in the crimes of the criminal organizations, such as: weapon trafficking, drug trafficking, and general organized crime. More details about the faction itself and other questions were addressed by a conversation with iJoker.


Answer a bit about what the faction is about, what they do.
iJoker: So, who is the Rios-Montero Cartel? The Rios-Montero Cartel, or as the inner-circle know us as "Los Matas" are a weapon trafficking cell of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a powerful cartel in Mexico, that is expanding to become the deadliest cartel in Mexico. Our main aspect of roleplay is around the weapon trade, we have worked as strawmen for past and present factions, who have helped us build our concept to where it is today. As well as that, we do have our legal enterprise, which is known among the high ranking members as "Imperio". So, yes, if you are a legal roleplayer, you can join our faction! We do encourage legal roleplay through our businesses that we run.

How does it feel becoming an official faction?
iJoker: 14 months of very long and detailed updates has finally paid off, it still has not fully sunken in that we are official, I still forget we are stickied! Honestly, I want to thank everyone who congratulated us on our faction thread, as well as took the time to forum PM me, it truly does mean a lot to not only myself, but the faction as a whole. I know I haven't replied to everyone, but I am doing my best to do so! But I don't want to take all the credit for it. I have two very dedicated and wonderful co-leaders Apophis and Shaikh, two very humble, passionate players who I met through this faction, they both worked their way up the ranks and had a real belief in the concept of the faction and helped me drive it on. As well as that, the members past and present, they all have worked hard to get us to where we are now and again I want to thank them all for the efforts they have put in, if it wasn't for them, this faction would not be here.

How long has this faction been running for?
iJoker: The faction was started with three people at the start, with the mindset of developing a group Hispanics into a deadly cell connected to a Cartel. I personally have planned, organized and built this faction since December 2014, our thread officially being released in 1st March 2015.

Is there anything you plan to do differently now that you're an official faction?
iJoker: Being official does open up a lot of doors in many aspects. This ranges from mapping particular items that will be used and certain privileges one is entrusted with. Official brings with it countless opportunities that can be used for improving the server and that is something we wish to do. Our aim was to always provide a sense of community for our members while introducing detailed roleplay to many aspects of illegal roleplay which are often left untouched. We hope to push on with our bootlegging concept, where we have been developing our own form of drink known as Mezcal. As well as that we will continue to strive and develop our area (Market) into a community hub, with businesses and a community of predominately Hispanics, just like Little Tokyo, when Akuji Kai ran the area. We want every type of roleplayer to be able to get involved with us, be it illegal or legal, everyone is welcome to get involved with us and help us continue with our concept and plans for the future of the faction. We are also still striving to release our Segmex Security firm to the community, which we have big plans for, but this is still being worked on in character to iron out a few things with the Mayors office. We have much more planned, but you will all have to wait and see! Everything we do, we try to involve the community as much as we can.

Any other comments you wanted to add?
iJoker: I have to give a big thanks to Tw1ster and Pitchounette. Both were in constant communication with us and kept us up-to-date on where we stood, as well as aspects we should improve on without their guidance we probably wouldn't be where we are today, so again a big thank you to both of them.

Feel free to read this if you want to learn more about the CJNG faction. Congratulations to CJNG for their well deserved official status.

CREDITS: Sleepwalker