A well-rounded, diverse group of individuals who handle the community's medical needs, and extinguishing those pesky fires are what drive these faction members to perform at their best. From their day-to-day activities, it's clear they deal with the everyday problems Los Santos, and the surrounding counties have to offer. The department was originally led by Marty Sweet in 2008, establishing a firm foundation for what the department has to offer today. Nowadays, the faction has just over one-hundred members that are from around the world!

On a day to day basis, a faction member faces numerous situations, ranging from players visiting the hospital for medication, or dealing with a player injured due to gun shot wounds. Regardless, there's always something going on for those faction members, and sometimes it's nonstop! The department also features a series of support services, that are broken down in to sub-divisions players can join to enhance their experience here within the faction. As of today, there are eleven sub-divisions that are available to join, ranging from administrative services to operational support services.

The faction members are also put to work on the forums from time to time, typically after their shifts are done. There are several different forms of reports to be made, that allow for patients, and situations to be accounted for. The Patient Care Reports (PCRs) represent care for patients out on the field, whereas Fire Reports focus typically on how a fire was handled. Not only this, however, the faction's doctors also fill out Medical Records, or Patient Histories in order to account for medications prescribed, and patient care.

The department undergone had a different name, originally being known as the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, favoring emergency medical service roleplay. It was then several months down the road, that it became the Los Santos Fire Department, as it is now known today, favoring three different sectors.

Currently, the faction is led by Nick Apps, a long standing faction member who joined in late 2011. The department has undergone several changes throughout the past year and a half, including the introduction of three different sectors for new members to join from, and the supervisor in training program. The department currently has six high command members, that all oversee the functioning of the faction, and pushing the department to work at it's highest potential. The department started off strictly with just emergency medical staff, however slowly integrated more roles in to the department, allowing for more creative roleplay to be introduced. Last year, there was discussion in regards to having the doctor side of the faction made in to a subdivision due to lack of members, however this has since been resolved, allowing for those wanting to roleplay in the hospital to remain.

The faction also has a series of assets it relies on for it's divisions, and roleplay. The Fire Station, which was recently added in May, allows for firefighters to roleplay in a more realistic way, rather than being trapped in the All Saints General Hospital, or garage below. Not only does the faction use the Fire Station, but also the Child Protective Services house, nearby of All Saints General Hospital. This addition to the numerous buildings the faction has, allows for more welfare-related roleplay, and establishing children-base interaction.

Recently, former Commissioner Jennifer Crawford, also known as Jenny, returned to the faction as head of progression and development, working towards revamping the face of the faction, and internal policies. I had the pleasure of interviewing her:

Q: Describe the typical first day for a newly added firefighter/doctor/ems:

Jenny: For a new member to the faction it can first be daunting as you have no idea what to expect. The first day consists of first attending a graduation which is a lovely feeling for everyone involved as it's not only a graduation but also the promotions and awards for the month too and usually there are over fifty people there. After the graduation they would be shown around the main part of garage, explaining the duty system and such. Then it does unfortunately mean that you'll have to spend a good hour on the forums reading up on the handbook.

After this point you're ready to go back in-game and experience your first call! They would be welcomed by all happy faction members saying hello to them in the faction chat and then more than likely partnered up. It may seem like whoa there is a lot to learn but honestly after a week in the faction people will know most things and it will be like natural.

Q: What are the different paths/sectors people can choose? Differences?:

Jenny: FD has recently changed and now offers a lot of different things. First off we have part-time jobs available which means you could be a CPS worker, MED (coroner), psychologist or even a nurse. This is for people who don't want any commitments and just to come on and do one specific thing. Then for the main jobs we have three sectors, being Hospital, EMS and Firefighting.

The Hospital sector is for all our doctors who are mainly inside the hospitals doing surgeries, checkups etc as well as helping in the field when needed.

EMS are for people who just want to be on the ambulances and doing no firefighting. Their main task will be out in the field, dealing with the 911 calls and departmental calls.

Firefighting side is for people who want both medical and fire role-play as your job is to deal with the medical calls and then if a fire call does come up deal with that.

Q: On average, how many calls are answered per day, let's say a weekend:

Jenny: Ahh now that is a tough one. During a weekend day we might get 2-3 calls for the fire side and medical calls is kind of hard to monitor. We could have an hour in which we get twenty calls but then have an hour we have none. It varies every day and is unpredictable which is what makes things fun in the faction - you can never fully plan things!

Q: Any immediate future plans you'd like to tell us about?:

Jenny: We always have plans for the future. Currently we are re-vamping our medical and fire guides which is something we do each year to keep things fresh. We plan on making more in-service training for our members and more drills. All the rest you will just have to wait and see!

For those wanting to join, see the LSFD Forum since recruitment is open!

Credits: ChrisRawr, Sarcasmohjoy