Mayoral Elections Summer 2016

The first elections for the Mayor of Los Santos recently concluded, bringing Katherine Summers aka Liquicity into his first term as mayor. We were able to get a Question and Answer session with three of the four final candidates, on their journey to the polls. We wish Liquicity good luck in his new position and all the others good luck in whatever they may do next.

Q: Why did you join this mayoral election?

Katherine Summers (Liquicity): I joined this mayoral election to accomplish my character's last goal. She has prepared herself ever since Frank Vaughn assumed office, and used the opportunity to work alongside him and several other legislators to gain experience from it.

Geoffrey VanGilder (Narc): The sole reason for me wishing to become mayor is that the position would give me the platform to showcase and implement my many ideas for the server and subsequently better the legal roleplaying environment. I believe Los Santos Government can expand and my political party can broaden the faction's horizons due to my array of ideas and concepts I am looking to implement. My previous factions are enough evidence to show that I can dedicate myself to a specific idea and character. I am incredibly motivated to campaigning and winning the forecoming election and estabilishing myself and my party in office.

Francis Morrison (Axis.): I joined this mayoral election because I truly believe I have some revolutionary ideas and the gumption to get them implemented. Anything I do on this server, I do it fully and I pull out all the stops - I don't pull punches. The political climate on LS:RP is really developing fast, and I wanted to take advantage of that to leave a lasting impression on the server from an in-character and out-of-character perspective.

Q: Who inspired you the most?

Liquicity: It would be Riley as Jonathan Schrader and the players he has had in his administration (Pie, MattyLis, Unoriginal Gangster, Robyn, Pooch, Shruth). I started playing by the time he was still role playing as the Mayor of Los Santos. He's one of the greatest political role players I have seen, amongst others, and I was truly happy to see him role play after all these years during my campaign.

Narc: Jonathan Schrader

Axis.: ObZen has been someone who has answered my questions, provided advice, and really helped me sort out some of the things i've been troubled by throughout this election. He's been my inspiration, along with Michael Westbrook (Vaughn).

Q: Has anyone helped you throughout this campaign?

Liquicity: Of course. I feel that this campaign was a privilege for all kind of role players to meet and see the opportunities that each side brings to the table. I would have never thought I would see the day when politics was the environment of role playe that would have its ties in everything and give role play opportunities to any kind of role players.

Narc: My entire campaign team has helped me throughout the campaign trail. A big shoutout to 18th (Misu Boone), KaylaSpace, Shack, TheGoldenDuke, Minion, Lashuni, The Fonz and everyone else who contributed to the VanGilder campaign.

Axis.: The initial campaign team was myself, Elvira, and Chanel but it quickly grew into something much greater than three friends. Before long, we had the backing from the Constitution Party and all of the resources that entails - from advertisers, to dedicated political roleplayers backing us. This whole thing really snowballed out of control really fast. I remember about a week ago, I didn't even log in-game because I was on a DayZ no-lifing streak - when I logged back in, the Morrison hashtags were trending on Tracebook and people were hyped about me and I hadn't even logged in. When I saw that, I knew it was time to really kick it into high gear.

Q: When did you join the server and what have you achieved?

Liquicity: I joined in late 2012. I have been in numerous factions of all kind and I can say that I have role played everything I could. I made it to Tester twice and I made it to Faction Management once. This game got me pretty hooked up when I was younger and I can tell that I met amazing people in these years. It really helps you in life because it gives you the opportunity to come across all kinds of people and being in the positions I have been, I am and I am (perhaps) going to be in takes time to understand everyone and try to make everyone happy.

Narc: I joined LS-RP in late 2009, there have been some breaks from SAMP here and there, but I have achieved a lot ever since. I managed to become a tester, head of GTA Modding and last but not least I made a lot of new friends. LS-RP will be an experience I'll never forget.

Axis.: I joined the server in December 2012. I haven't really achieved much, this is my first real accomplishment.

Q: What's your experience with factions?

Liquicity: I can say that I have a vast faction experience. I role played in any kind of faction portraying the basic role play concept (gang, mob, motorcycle club, etc.) as well as I have role played in all current legal factions. I was truly passioned and motivated to be a legal role player and, perhaps excel in the political and the medical environments. Ever since I was a faction manager, I showed support to the shy amount of legal factions and I am happy to see most of them at the top nowadays.

Narc: In the past I've been part of several factions, from dirty bikers to Asians and basically everything inbetween. I had the fortune of playing a big role in Petrela's Armenian Power faction, I transformed a solo role-play scheme into a biker faction called Dirty Dozen MC, I ran the White Dragon Group—Wah Ching XXIII faction together with William_Donoghue and I've generally just for as long as I've been around been part of all kinds of factions. Sometimes in the leading role, other times just tagging along.

Axis.: I've been a whole lot of legal factions. I haven't exactly done great in any faction and i'm notorious for the amount of drama that swirls around me. The highest position I achieved in any faction was District Attorney in the Department of Justice, but that was short-lived, and Senior Reporter in San Andreas Network.

Credits: xorcist and Sarcasmohjoy