Hey everyone,

I hope you're already enjoying or looking forward to your summer holidays depending on where you live! Unfortunately for me it's the polar opposite in Australia and I'm in the middle of a cold winter!

In my last update, I mentioned that I would be focusing on fleshing out the administration team and ensuring that we have enough administrators to help with the increased workload over the summer period. We are now diving head-first into summer and the traffic around the server is starting to show it. I am now content with the amount of administrators we have in our team (you can check the Staff Members roster on this UCP website for the full admin team roster) and I have worked on balancing the team across the ranks and rewarding those with experience.

My focus after I have completely wrapped up what I want to do with the admin team is improving team efficiency. For example: we have re-vamped the Report Player and the Staff Report processes to ensure that the response rate and turn-around for both is improved upon. The internal handling of Staff Reports has been tweaked to get our higher level administrators involved so they can participate in any complaints that tie to lower level staff members which speeds up the response and the handling of any issues. The new format and process for general Report Players makes sure that we avoid many of the repeated issues like excessive posts and excessively long reports. With the general influx in traffic over summer - we want to ensure we can control the workload and keep everyone content.

Once I have received the feedback I need from the staff team and finished with the above, I intend to open certain threads on the General Discussions board for the community to provide their own feedback tying to the server and its operations so we can improve what piques the community's interests the most. These topics may pose questions about certain topics/issues or just be a general request for feedback. Staff members have their own opinions and viewpoints of the server but you definitely cannot dismiss the fact that every community member has their own unique experience of the server and they can see angles that staff members may not - every opinion is valuable to consider.

Without further ado, I will move on to admin promotions, reinstatements and our TA Graduation:


Admin Promotions:

A huge congratulations to Sparx on his promotion to Level 4 Adminstrator. He establishes yet another senior point of contact in the admin team for the community on the European side and will continue to lead our Forum Moderator team. I have also placed my focus on fleshing our the admin team and rewarding those with experience to take the role of Level 3. I would like to congratulate all of the following admins on their well-deserved promotions:

Level 3 -> 4 Admin:

Level 2 -> 3 Admin:
Brady Russ

Level 1 -> 2 Admin:

Congratulations to the above and I wish the new Level 3s luck with their new senior admin roles.


Admin Reinstatements:

I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team as of July 1st:


Congratulations and welcome back!


Tester-Admin Scheme Graduation:

In my last update, you may have seen the list of testers that were submitted to the TA scheme. They learnt the ropes through the month of June, and the following admins have graduated to become full admins:


Congratulations to the above on their new positions. We will look at bringing further admins into the team when the time is right and we have more Senior Forum Moderators ready to take the scheme.


Thanks for reading,