Roux Enterprise is an official legal faction that aims to portray, to a certain extent, a realistic business enterprise that provides more of the legal civilian career and financial side of role-play to players. The faction is currently lead by only three people, being Musiceith, Talarum, and Malmstrom and provides a home to over 150 players throughout the multiple subsidiaries under it, currently being Hucklefield Logistics, Los Santos LIFE Corporation, Alpha Transport, Roux Estate, Athena Investigations Co., Kart Attack, and the Red County Security Agency, all names which you've more than likely seen a few times.

The faction was started on Dec 09, 2014 with the goal of providing a completely unique legal role-play opportunity to the server. Musiceith felt that, at the time of the creation of Roux Enterprise, the server was out-balanced with legal and illegal activities and that no-one was providing a completely legal route or unique legal role-play experience. Musiceith saw the opportunities and potential and came up with idea of Roux Enterprise.

Roux Enterprise provides a very unique and extensive experience to the legal role-play side of the sever. You could go as far as starting your own business under Roux Enterprise or join any of the already established businesses under Roux Enterprise. You could role-play a lower class member of the society such as a trucker in Hucklefield Logistics or a taxi driver in Alpha Transport or you could role-play up to higher class member of the society, such as a lawyer for Roux Enterprise. The possibilities are endless. The different companies under Roux Enterprise may perform completely different activities, but are brought together through events organized by faction leadership such as promotion ceremonies or dinners. Roux Enterprise provides an experience very similar to real-life, of course somewhat modified to fit the server's environment. You can experience your character's extensive career development through promotion, company training, and large scale operations, as well as interacting with other company employees.

Everyday the faction leadership of Roux Enterprise is looking for new ways to continue to expand on and provide the unique legal role-play experience it's known for. We look forward to seeing what Roux Enterprise does in the future. If you've happened to take interest in the faction based on this article, the faction thread can be found here.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Musicieth, one of the faction's current leaders, and here's what he had to say;

What legal roleplay opportunities does the faction bring?

We have various jobs position open, from lower class in the society such as truckers, taxi drivers, security guards - up to the more expertise type of jobs such as lawyers. The faction does not only provide on what the particular job role does, but also expands on it. Using truckers for example, majority of the server sees trucking as one of the quickest way to earn cash, but only minority of them actually roleplays being a trucker. Roux Enterprise handpicks a capable leader with both knowledge on trucking and also the ability to run a company, with further assistance and development from the enterprise, the company became a platform, a union for players who are actually interested in roleplaying and developing their trucking career. Upon joining Roux Enterprise, a trucker does not only join the convoy, driving back and forth, but also experience his character's career development such as promotion, company inspection and training, interacting and at the same time learning to cope with other colleagues, opportunities to participate in large scale operations such as Hazard Material convoys in partnership with LSFD. Different companies (subsidiaries of Roux Enterprise) have different types of activities, but can also be mutual at some times such as promotion ceremony, and whole company events (BBQ, dinner etc.).

How would you describe the roleplay experience the faction provides?

As the leader of this faction, I can only say that the leadership (Not only executives but also directors of each subsidiary) had focused a lot of adjustment and improvement on providing "legal" elements into our RP. For example some other factions, even if they are legal, require a CK permission upon joining, we don't. Instead we have human resources manager to deal with the employee, could be a warning, could be an instant fire. This allows the player to be aware of how he behaves, and also the opportunity to encounter any problems that might arise if his performance does not meet his superior's expectation, which exactly how it is IRL. There are many other elements we have focused on that cannot be all explained here, but waiting for yourself to find out! In general, the faction injects a lot of legal elements from IRL into the roleplay experience, but at the same time applicable to the essence of LSRP.

What made you decide to start Roux Enterprise?

This has to do with my IRL background. Since I was younger I had a lot of opportunities to be apart of business meetings, deals, negotiations, which had raised my interest significantly on the topic of "business", or how it works. It is also a reason that led me to my further study in this particular field. During my time in LSRP, I have visited a lot of business openings, but a lot of them are just copy and pasted openings, it does not provide a unique experience. I'm sure a lot of players will agree with me, going to this club is exactly like going to that club, it's just a matter of how many people visits but doing the same thing over and over again. It advertises, you saw it, you visit, buy a drink, flirt, get bored, leave, wait for next club opens. Previously, majority of businesses are being seen as a "legal front" of an illegal faction, but not many of them are actually "legal" oriented. In my personal view, this had led to the server being out-balanced in between legal and illegal activities. No one was providing a completely legal opportunity, even if there was, it seems to be part-time only instead of full time. I felt like there are a lot more opportunities and gap for creativity that players haven't, or did not have the ability to pursue, therefore I came up with the idea of Roux Enterprise, and here we go.

What faction experience did you have prior to starting Roux Enterprise?

Valenti - I was in charge of running Caligula's for a couple of months. - Nicholas Taccardi.
Wager Network - I was in charge of running Club Ambassadour. - Vincent Steinway.

These gave me a lot of chances to experiment different and the most effective way of management on business openings, hence enhancing on my ability of training my managers in Roux Enterprise.

When did you start the faction?

Dec 09, 2014.

Did you think you'd ever reach official when you started the faction?

Not exactly at the beginning, but as we develop I have started to gain my confidence on reaching official, majority of it was because of the messages I had received from the community were great and motivating.

How does it feel to lead one of the only official legal factions to ever exist on the server?

It feels extremely great, it does not only mean that all of our member's effort are recognized, but also knowing that we bring a positive impact to the server is essential. While having the joy of leading the first official civilian legal faction, I also feel the pressure on not only maintaining, but improving the quality of the faction. It is almost non-stop discussion in between myself and my leaders on faction matters, and I can only hope for a positive effect and feedback each time we pursue a strategy for improvement.

How did you find out you were becoming an official faction and what was your reaction?

As I remember, on Jan 12, 2016 11:00 pm, I was being spammed with Nathan's "Congratulations Roux Enterprise" topic link by some of my members on skype, while I was in ASGH with a couple of my IC guards. I literally spammed them with PM at the same time, everyone got so excited but then I couldn't really see anything else due to my chat being spammed by many players for congratulating, it was the best moment.

Any plans for the future of Roux Enterprise that you'd like to share?

Yes, we are currently drafting ideas and are planning to implement a lot of innovative and unique things that doesn't exist much in the server at the moment. Along with the official perks, we are sure that we can provide a lot more entertainments to everyone, recently the Kart-Attack (Go-Kart) is our prior project, along with The Visage (Casino & Resort) which will be opened very soon.

On the corporation side we will focus more on setting up internal roles and responsibilities, positions such as financial planner, accountants, market research and development team, these are all currently in our planning process and will be introduced at a suitable date. Look forward to it!

Anything else you'd like to add?

When we became official, I wasn't able to reply everyone, but I really wanted to say thank you to everyone who congratulated and supported us. For FM, Nathan, Ethanol, ObZen, Pitchounette, Unorginal Gangster, Mmartin, drumJ, I'd like to thank you all for reading my long proposals, understanding our faction needs and helping us all the way before or after being official. For my members, BryanWS, AleZor, Talarum, Kingsman, Malmstrom, Wadeon, Trumavarium, DavidHolyField, Archie, and many other members that I can't name all here, but you know I'm referring to you too, I really want to thank you for being so dedicated and putting so much effort into this faction. Without you all, we will not be where we are today.

Credits: Timid