Hey everyone,

A few months ago we opened the tester applications and we received a huge amount of applicants compared to other drives so we've had our hands full with going through all of the applications! With that being said, I have announced our new reserved testers, and that list can be found here. If you have not made it this time then do not worry as we are always looking for new staff members. Do not give up as you will find your opportunity.

Without further ado, congratulations to the following on becoming part out of Tester Team:

Biscanin11 - LaVaughn_Howard - Davey - Tenrakk - Killerking - Complaicant - Miraculous - Zenophobia - Cortez - Rakatonk - ♣_SHINJI_♣ - Deonte - Robert_Szymanski - Connor_Reed - Louis_Harrison - Sebz - Brad. - Balance - Travis38 - Nightmare. - Killbilly - Vanye Player - #drew - Barnesky - O.G Alex - Baker - .Gallardo - Lemmy - 18th - Ibarra - Socrates - Clique - Donald_Straga - Shultz

And congratulations to the following on their reinstatement to the Tester Team:

Xivo - RegulatioN

Please expect a PM from me over the next few days so we can get you started, congratulations once again.

Thanks for reading,
Jakey - Head of Testers