After giving away 14 games this Christmas, and 1 more game in the upcoming IRPG, you'd think we have given away enough. But we're not stopping here:-)

We recently contacted the independent game developer company Wolfire Games, and they have been nice enough to give us 4 copies of their great Indie preorder pack for one of our contests! This pack contains the upcoming games Overgrowth from Wolfire Games themselves, and Natural Selection 2, developed by Unknown Worlds.

The contest is pretty simple..Answer this question:
In Lugaru and Overgrowth, you play a rabbit going on a killing spree.
Speaking of bloodthirsty rabbits; What game is this?

Submit your answer to Be sure you include your forum name and in-game name as a verification that you are a active LS-RP player. The contest ends January 15 at midnight, and the 4 lucky winners will be announced January 17 on the web site. You are only allowed to participate once, so get the answers right!

For those who really don't think they are able to win, or really want to get these 2 games at this amazing price, visit and get 2 upcoming games for the price of 1! Be aware that there is no release date yet on either of the games, but buying/winning it gives you access to their Alpha versions, so you'll be able to play it long before the release date.

Promotional video for this bundle (only 4 days left)

If you're still not sure about these games, I recommend you to visit their youtube profiles (Wolfire Games - Unknown Worlds)